Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course: Call for Speakers

The annual Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course will take place September 12-14, 2022, at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. Course organizers are looking for speakers interested in discussing any of the following topics:

• Geotechnical Risk and Investigations
• Geotechnical Data and Baseline Reports
• Project Planning, Design and Execution
• Contracting and Project Delivery Options
• Project Risk Assessment and Mitigation
• NATM/SEM Design and Construction
• Hard Rock TBMs and Future Trends
• Slurry and EPB Shield TBMs and Applications
• Hybrid, Multi-Mode and Crossover TBMs
• Non-Continuous Pressurized Tunneling
• TBM Selection for Anticipated Ground Conditions
• TBM Design for Difficult Ground Excavation
• TBM Selection for High Water Pressures
• Pre-excavation Probing and Grouting
• Segmental Liner Design and Construction
• Segment Backfill Grouting Techniques
• Ground Dewatering and Freezing
• Tunnel Grouting Techniques and Applications
• Planning and Design for Super Large Diameter Tunnels
• Design and Construction Challenges for Large Tunnels
• Tunnel Instrumentation and Settlement Control
• Tunnel Process Control and Data Management
• Shaft and Portal Design and Construction
• Tunneling design and Challenges in Urban Areas
• Tunnel Construction Management
• Case Histories of Challenging Projects
• Claims and Disputes Resolution

If you are interested in speaking, please contact Levent Ozdemir at lozdemir1977@aol.com with a topic of interest. For more information about the course, click here. Registration for the course will be open soon.

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