Brierley Associates Celebrates 20th Anniversary

March 2019 marks Brierley Associates’ 20th year of “Creating Space Underground.” The firm’s journey began in 1999 when Gary Brierley announced the establishment of Brierley Associates and the opening of its Denver office, led by Gregg Sherry in the first issue of “SubSurfing USA.” During the following year, Alan Howard and Jim Smith joined the firm; and AJ McGinn, current president and CEO, was brought on as “Employee No. 1.”

By 2004, Brierley Associates was featured in TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine. That year also marked one of the first of many noteworthy projects. Design of the 4,200-ft long, 12-ft diameter New Crystal Springs By-Pass Tunnel for San Francisco Public Utilities was awarded to Brierley Associates in joint venture with Arup.

By 2008, the firm’s first major design-build project, Lake Mead Intake No. 3 was underway. Brierley Associates again teamed with Arup in a joint venture arrangement to serve as lead designers for Vegas Tunnel Constructors, a joint venture of Impregilo SpA and SA Healy.  In 2015, that project received the Global Tunnel Project of the Year Award and in 2016 the Tunnel Achievement Award for Project Excellence.

Brierley Associates has been at the forefront of many complex and challenging milestone projects over its 20 years, including:

  • 2009: Caldecott Fourth Bore Highway Tunnel linking Alameda and Contra Costa counties in California.
  • 2010: New Irvington Water Tunnel and Vargas Shaft in Sunol, California. At the time of construction, the 41-ft diameter, 115-ft deep Vargas Shaft was the deepest application of unreinforced secant pile temporary excavation support system.
  • 2010: Water Treatment Plant No. 4 Raw Water Intake and Pump Station Shaft for the City of Austin, Texas.
  • 2012: Design-Build Twin Box Vehicular Roadway Tunnels for Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.
  • 2013: 181 Fremont Tower in San Francisco.  The project was a complex support of excavation system for a 60-ft deep basement excavation in the urban core of San Francisco.
  • 2014: Designer of Record for the “Bertha” Access Shaft in Seattle.
  • 2015: Design-Build Single Horizontal Directional Drilling installation of 3,000-ft and 1,200-ft of 54-in. diameter HDPE Forcemain in Miami Beach, Florida, which remains a world record for that size pipe.
  • 2017: Design-Build Northeast Boundary Tunnel with Salini-Impregilo-Healy,JV in Washington, D.C., for DC Clean Rivers.

Since its founding in 1999, Brierley Associates has focused on constructability, efficiency and practicality to deliver intrinsic recognizable value to our owner, A/E firm and contractor clients. During this anniversary year, the forthcoming issues of InDepth, the company’s newsletter, will celebrate its clients, partners and staff and their significant contributions to “Creating Space Underground.”

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