Brookville Locomotives Heading to LA

Two completed 27-ton permissible locomotives

Two completed 27-ton permissible locomotives sit on the Brookville test track in February 2015, prior to shipping to Los Angeles.

Brookville Equipment Corp. recently shipped three 27-ton MSHA-permissible tunneling locomotives to the Walsh Shea Corridor Constructors for use on the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Tunnel Project in Los Angeles. By design, the locomotives will reduce the risk of explosion due to geological conditions that may host the presence of methane and other combustible gases. Cal-OSHA has classified the tunnel drives on this project “gassy,” mandating the use of MSHA permissible locomotives.

The 27-ton locomotives’ special safety features include air start, an enclosed engine block, an exhaust filtration system, wiring and piping guards, and an intake flame arrestor, among other upgrades, to fully comply with MSHA’s permissibility requirements.

Featuring an 8.3-l Cummins six-cylinder diesel engine and four-speed transmission, the 185-hp locomotives will operate on 36-in. rail gauge underground for Walsh-Shea Corridor Constructors, the contracting company for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Tunnel Project.

The operator’s compartment of a Brookville 27-ton permissible locomotive

The operator’s compartment of a Brookville 27-ton permissible locomotive, including throttle controls, braking controls and gauge panel.

“Brookville was selected based on past performance, simplicity of operation and diagnostics, their ability to communicate locally with MSHA, and knowing we would be dealing with the good people of Brookville,” said Walsh-Shea Corridor Constructors Tunnel Construction Manager David Girard, P.E.

The locomotives will be used to haul 18.5-cu yd liftoff muck cars, precast concrete tunnel segments, tunnel utilities and ventilation duct. In addition to being equipped for materials haulage, the locomotives feature bench seating for six personnel – with the capacity to mobilize eight workers, including the operator and jump seat.
“Safety is integrated into the design of each locomotive Brookville builds,” said Brookville Director of Sales Chris Rhoades. “These locomotives are the latest development in a portfolio of products designed for contractors who need to meet MSHA’s permissibility requirements on tunneling projects.”

Since 2003, Brookville has shipped 22 MSHA permissible tunneling locomotives, including eight 10-ton battery powered locomotives, three 20-ton diesel locomotives, and eight 35-ton diesel locomotives.

Brookville entered the tunneling equipment market in 1966 and has built a portfolio of 166 custom units that have serviced projects in eight countries and 17 states.

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