Capital Improvements Project No. 650033-100002 BIG WALNUT SANITARY TRUNK EXTENSION, PHASE 2

Columbus Department of Utilities

SCOPE:  The project consists of the construction of approximately 12,350 linear feet of 72-inch diameter sanitary sewer (fiberglass reinforced polymer mortar) via an open face tunnel boring machine through shale rock, full face conditions. Construction also includes two (2) shafts to be constructed using secant piles; two (2) intermediate shafts and two (2) hydraulic drop structures to be constructed by drilling.  The project will include ancillary work at the shaft sites as shown on the detailed drawings, as specified in the contract specifications, and the City of Columbus Construction and Material Specifications as set forth in this Invitation For Bid (IFB).

BID OPENING: Bids will only be received electronically by the Department of Public Utilities of the City of Columbus, Ohio, via Bid Express ( No public bid openings will be held pursuant to Columbus City Code Chapter 3219.18.

PROCUREMENT OF DOCUMENTS: Bidding Documents, including the Invitation for Bid, Drawings, and Technical Specifications will be available as separate documents at Bid Express ( on September 6, 2022.

CLASSIFICATION:  This project has been selected for financial assistance from the Ohio EPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) Program.  For this reason, Federal Davis-Bacon Wage Rates and Requirements will apply. A ten percent (10%) proposal guarantee is required for this bid, and a one hundred percent (100%) performance and payment bond will be required for the making of a contract.

PREQUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Pursuant to Columbus City Code Section 329.20(c), the bidder must demonstrate that it has satisfied the City’s construction pre-qualification requirements. Contact the Pre-Qualification Office at (614) 645-0359 or http:/ if you are unsure about your construction pre-qualification status.

For additional information concerning this bid, including procedures for obtaining a copy of the bidding documents and how to submit a proposal, you must go to the City of Columbus Vendor Services web page (, and view this bid number in the “Open Requests for Quotations” listing.

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