Datwyler Celebrates 100 Years

Datwyler With determination and the spirit of a pioneer, Adolf Datwyler in 1915 laid the foundation for success. He recognized the signs of the times early and invested counter-cyclical. In 1958, Datwyler’s sons, Peter and Max, assumed responsibility for the growing company, expanding its reach far beyond the borders of Switzerland. Today, the Datwyler Group is a global supplier employing a workforce of over 7,500 and still directed from its headquarters in central Switzerland.

One of the most important divisions of Datwyler Group is tunneling. Datwyler seals can be found in more than 500 tunnel projects around the world. Its versatile production operation in Waltershausen, Germany, allows Datwyler to reach the most diverse requirements in the tunneling industry. With approximately $20 million in annual sales and up to 700,000 frames produced, Datwyler is the world’s No. 1 in the production of tunnel seals.

In its 2015 anniversary year, the Datwyler Group is a leading international supplier to the pharmaceutical, automotive and construction industries and a Europe wide leader in the distribution of electronic components. Thanks to its strong roots, reliable values and a future-oriented ownership structure, the company has successfully accepted the challenges across time – and will continue to do so to the advantage of its customers, employees and shareholders.


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