Early Work Underway at Toronto’s Exhibition Station

Bird’s-eye view of future north station entrance at Exhibition Station. (HDR photo)

Exhibition Station has withstood the test of time. Built in 1856 by the Grand Trunk Railway, the original station in the area and those that have come after it, have played a pivotal role in getting people to things like the Canadian National Exhibition for over a century.

Now, the latest edition of the station is set to become a vital transit hub that will help connect the existing GO Train station with the much-anticipated Ontario Line subway.

Throughout construction, Metrolinx will continue to keep people moving with features like a new platform, station entrance, and temporary pedestrian bridge.

Continued access
A temporary station entrance was opened this past summer, while the future permanent station entrance is under construction at Exhibition Station, further north on Atlantic Avenue.

Once complete, the permanent entrance will connect to 40 metres of new, extended passenger tunnel. In the south entrance building, the existing elevator was modernized and upgraded earlier this year.

Bridging the gap
One of the most notable changes on site is the installation of a temporary pedestrian bridge.

The structure spans the GO Train tracks and provides additional access to reach station platforms and provides access for trips to and from Liberty Village.

The bridge is designed to help reduce congestion in the existing tunnel during special events at Exhibition Place and Ontario Place.

The structure recently edged one step closer to completion with 50 cubic metres of concrete (about half the volume of a one-car garage) being poured for the bridge deck.

The bridge will be ready to use in spring 2024 and will stay in place until the Ontario Line is in service.

New platform, same service
The station will also see upgrades on the south platform to allow for future construction activities.

The new temporary GO platform will also include new pedestrian shelters and there will be a realignment of some of the tracks that run through the station.

The platform work will also ensure GO Train services will continue during the construction.

Two services, one roof
Once complete, Exhibition Station will be completely enclosed.

The above-ground shared concourse between the Ontario Line and Lakeshore West GO Train services will make transferring between the two lines quick and seamless.

This new interchange is expected to help reduce crowding at Union by about 14 per cent – or 14,000 fewer people – during rush hour.

The Ontario Line connection will bring the subway system closer to many homes and businesses in the growing and vibrant Liberty Village community.

By Nitish Bissonauth, Metrolinx bilingual editorial content advisor

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