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Epiroc Launches New Digital Solutions for Tunneling Construction


Epiroc expands the digital solutions portfolio within the construction industry when launching Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence. The new tunneling portfolio increases safety levels while still improving productivity. First to sign up for the new solutions is Veidekke Entrepenør AS, for use in a tunnel project north of Oslo in Norway.

“We see how digitalization is gaining momentum everywhere, also in the construction industries, as demands for higher safety, sustainability and productivity increase. Therefore, it is gratifying to have the opportunity to carry out a digital transformation together with Veidekke in Norway,” says Mikael Ramström, Vice President – Digital Business at Epiroc.

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The suite of Mobilaris Mining Intelligence products has revolutionized mining worksites globally with intuitive real-time decision support systems that create value at all company levels. It includes planning, productivity, situational awareness in 3D, reporting and safety tools. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence dramatically improves traceability and enables planning and scheduling in real-time by data from the ongoing operations.

“With the background from the technology-agnostic underground mining solutions we have adapted and developed them to fit the specific needs in tunneling construction. The new tunneling portfolio will dramatically increase safety and production control. The products have already shown great improvements for the contractors,” says Håkan Bolsöy, Business Development Manager at Epiroc, head of Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence portfolio.

Veidekke Entrepenør AS will use Epiroc’s Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence solutions to improve productivity in a tunnel project north of Oslo in Norway.

“The tools from Epiroc give us an excellent possibility to create digital shift reports while working. It saves us a lot of time since it replaces manual reporting. In addition, we get valuable data enabling us to find and fix time-waste. The real-time overview of our resources helps us in planning out our progression”, says Bernt-Olav Berger, System responsible at Veidekke. Veidekke Entreprenør AS is a Scandinavian tunnel contractor operating since 1936.

Epiroc’s Technology & Digital division coordinates and develops technology solutions and provides specialist consulting and engineering services. The division drives the automation, digitalization and interoperability expansions for Epiroc.

Since November 2021 Mobilaris Mining and Civil Engineering (MCE) belongs to Epiroc’s Technology and Digital division. The development is in Luleå in northern Sweden. Learn more about the solutions here.

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