First Grydale Mobile Dust Collector Available for Rental in North America

The first Grydale JMS-30-MDT, a 30m3/s (60,000CFM) Mobile, Diesel, Track dust collector has arrived in Seattle, Washington, from Grydale’s global headquarters and manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia. The JMS-30-MDT is now available for onsite demonstrations and short- and long-term hire in North America.

Grydale holds an international patent for its range of innovative track-mounted dust collectors. The tracks allow units to move alongside dust-generating equipment such as roadheaders, trenchers, surface miners, profilers, hydraulic hammers, and other excavators to collect dust at the source. The diesel motor powering the efficient centrifugal fan means there is no requirement for an external power supply. The compact footprint allows units to be easily transported and operational in a very short period with limited set-up requirements.

Grydale’s dust collection machines solve numerous dust-related complications on construction projects, including protecting workers from disease-causing airborne dust, keeping jobsites and equipment clean, improving excavation rates, reducing downtime, and improving visibility. As awareness and regulations such as OSHA increase regarding Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), project owners, designers, and contractors are expected to build and implement effective dust control measures on their projects, and mobile dust collectors are an attractive method to stay compliant while meeting excavation targets.
Grydale’s mobile dust collection machines are currently working in a wide range of industrial applications including tunneling, mining, quarrying, abrasive blasting, bulk storage handling and ship loading in Australasia and the United Kingdom. Key tunneling projects include Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel, Sydney Metro, West Connex, Cross River Rail and City Rail Link.

“We are committed to exporting a comprehensive fleet of our mobile dust collectors over the next 12 months. Our range of mobile dust collectors has been engineered to meet the specific needs of different markets and applications, and offers a range of mobility, power and size configurations,” says Andrew Fanning, CEO of Grydale. The second North American unit, a JMS-10-MDT, which creates 10m3/s (25,000 CFM) of air flow, is scheduled to arrive later this month.

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