Fort Wayne 3RPORT Update

Ft. Wayne has approved consulting contracts

Fort Wayne has shortlisted eight contracting teams for the 3RPORT tunnel project.

Ft. Wayne (Indiana) City Utilities has completed the process of shortlisting eight tunnel contractors/tunnel contractor teams for the Three Rivers Protection and Overflow Reduction Tunnel (3RPORT) Tunnel and Shafts Package. This project will include approximately 25,000 ft of 16-ft finished diameter tunnel (18-ft bore), working shaft, retrieval shaft, and nine drop shafts including about 1,760 ft of adit connections.

The tunnel will be constructed at an average depth of approximately 200 ft which is expected to be within dolomitic limestone. The construction shafts are expected to be up to 60 ft in diameter and drop shafts between 4 to 8 ft in diameter. Ft. Wayne City Utilities and their consulting engineers are working toward advertising for bids in September and receiving bids in November 2016.

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