Gateway Program Tops Trump’s Infrastructure Priority List

The Second Avenue Subway is listed among President Trump’s priority project. Phase I, which recently opened for revenue service, is shown here under construction.

President Trump made waves during the campaign with his promise to invest $1 trillion on infrastructure improvement. Some details of his plans have emerged in a priority list that has been published by various sources. A link to the list is available here.

The list outlines 50 projects and their impact on their impact on jobs created. The 50 projects total more $137.5 million, creating 193,350 jobs. The list was submitted to the National Governor’s Association. According to various news sources, the list is not an official document and the administration seeks input from states.

Among the tunneling related projects on the list are the Gateway Program in the New York City area, Project Clean Lake in Cleveland, Ohio, the Second Avenue Subway in New York and the Howard Street Tunnel in Baltimore, Maryland.

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  1. Gateway Program

— Description: Reconstruction of critical, high-risk Northeast Corridor rail infrastructure between Newark and New York City

— Authority: Amtrak, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (Gateway Development Corporation)

— Cost: $12 billion

— Jobs: 15,000 Direct Jobs; 19,000 Indirect Jobs; Average = $73,000/yr

— Status

Engineering: in progress

Permitting: in progress

Funding: seeking Federal

  1. Project Clean Lake

— Description: Seven new water tunnels would provide relief to Cleveland’s antiquated system which is overwhelmed by even moderate rainfall and feeds contaminated water into Lake Erie.

— Authority: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

— Cost: $3 billion

— Jobs: 2,150 Direct Jobs

— Status

Engineering: in progress

Permitting: in progress

Funding: seeking Federal

  1. Second Avenue Subway Phases 2 & 3

— Description: The Second Avenue Subway will be New York City’s first major expansion of the subway system in over 50 years. When fully completed, the line will stretch 8.5 miles along the length of Manhattan’s East Side, from 125th Street in Harlem to Hanover Square in Lower Manhattan.

— Authority: New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

— Cost: $14.2 billion

— Jobs: 16,000 direct jobs

— Status

Engineering: In progress

Permitting – 95%

Funding – public/seeking federal

  1. Howard Street Tunnel

— Height restrictions within CSX’s Howard Street Tunnel currently prevent the shipment of double-stacked intermodal containers (two shipping containers stacked on top of each other) by rail to and from the Port of Baltimore. This puts Baltimore at a competitive disadvantage as all other major East Coast ports have double-stack rail capacity.

— Authority: CSX Inc., MDOT

— Cost: $425 million

— Jobs: 500 Direct Jobs, 3,200 Indirect Jobs

— Status

Engineering: In progress

Permitting: In progress

Funding: In progress

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