Granite Construction Celebrates 95 Year Anniversary

Granite Construction Inc., one of the nation’s leading infrastructure contractors and construction materials producers, announced that it will celebrate its 95th anniversary throughout the month of June with a variety of special events and activities.

“Very few companies today have the privilege of celebrating a 95-year anniversary, and we are incredibly humbled to be one of the few,” said James H. Roberts, president and CEO of Granite Construction. “This milestone is a testament to our dedicated and talented people and our core values that have served as the foundation for our business for nearly a century. As we celebrate this month, we will recognize the generations before us for our rich heritage while also honoring today’s employees for the work they do every day to continue to build our future.”

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Deeply embedded in Granite’s nearly 100-year history is a culture of hard work, honesty and getting the job done right. While today’s company spans the United States, Granite’s roots are traceable to California construction license No. 89, one of the first 100 licenses, 96 percent of which no longer exist.

The company’s survival is not an accident. Hard work and unfaltering tenacity led Granite from paving the first roads into Yosemite, building the California Aqueduct, helping to rebuild Ground Zero and partnering to build one of the largest bridge projects in the country — the Tappan Zee Bridge. Granite is—and will continue to be—part of a story much bigger than itself. To learn more about Granite’s history, visit the Company’s interactive timeline. Granite’s subsidiary, Kenny Construction, is a national leader in tunneling, completing more than $1 billion in tunnel projects in the last 10 years.

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