GraphicSchedule Releases New and Improved Version to Meet Industry Demand

GraphicSchedule Inc., a software provider for the construction industry, has announced a new version of their Excel application offering greater flexibility and more control, to meet the needs of project teams worldwide.

“We originally built GraphicSchedule because we needed a better way to communicate our projects and we didn’t want to fuss with hand-drawn graphics,” says Co-Founder James Wonneberg. “Since then we’ve heard from people all around the world who want to use GraphicSchedule to create a variety of one-page schedules in Excel, with different layouts that go beyond the capabilities of our initial offering. So we have completely rebuilt the app to make these additional layouts possible.”

The new release includes the ability to create linear schedules and time chainage diagrams with time plotted horizontally or vertically, enhanced bar chart functionality, improved formatting controls, and date and time capability for increased precision.

“We are excited to make these powerful features available to project teams everywhere,” adds Co-Founder Ron Drake. “The feedback received so far from contractors, engineers and owners who are currently using GraphicSchedule has been terrific, giving us valuable insights into how best to help these teams communicate more effectively and deliver winning projects.”

Wonneberg and Drake also continue to serve as construction managers and program managers on major infrastructure projects including the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program in Seattle, Regional Connector in Los Angeles, and Interlake Tunnel in Monterey County, California. They frequently give presentations to project teams, universities and professional organizations to help educate the industry about the benefits of these methods.

To download their eBook, or request a free trial of the new version, visit the GraphicSchedule website.

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