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BASF Introduces MasterRoc SLF 50 Soil Lubricating Foam

BASF recently introduced MasterRoc SLF 50, a new generation soil lubricant that improves performance and increases tunnel excavation efficiency by helping to control the soil during tunneling operations. The soil conditioner reduces friction and helps to increase the advance rate of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) under challenging soil conditions.

“MasterRoc SLF 50 is an advanced solution for the underground construction market. The system keeps excavated soil stable and workable for longer periods, and contributes to the efficiency of the TBM,” says James Lindsay, Regional Business Segment Manager for the Admixture Systems business of BASF’s Construction Chemicals division. “This new soil lubricating foam was used successfully on the SR 99 tunnel project in Seattle. It helped to make the soil more cohesive and significantly more stable from excavation and while in the working chamber and conveyor, ultimately making ‘Bertha,’ the TBM on the project, more productive.”

Soil conditioners help TBMs maintain face pressure during operation and lessen power consumption through torque reduction, optimize soil extraction and can decrease wear to the cutterhead and screw conveyor. The innovative technology of MasterRoc SLF 50 soil lubricating foam creates a highly stable foam with superior half-life, up to eight times the standard, making it reliable and usable for extended periods, even during planned or unplanned stoppages.


Brokk Introduces Four Next-Generation Demolition Machines

Brokk, a world-leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, launched four new machines during INTERMAT Paris 2018. The new models include: the Brokk 170, Brokk 200, Brokk 300 and the green diesel Brokk 520D machines. Each of the four models comes equipped with Brokk’s signature SmartConcept technology. Along with the launch of the new line, Brokk also introduced new attachments, including BHB hydraulic breakers and three Darda concrete crushers.

“The introduction of these four demolition machines redefines expectations in terms of power-to-weight performance ratio for demolition robots.” said Martin Krupicka, president and CEO of Brokk Group. “And this is all made possible by the unique new Brokk SmartConcept technology, which boosts an already world-class line up of demolition machines.”

Each of the four models includes Brokk’s signature technology, SmartConcept, which maximizes the capabilities of the versatile machines with the power management features of SmartPower, the added reliability and user-friendliness of SmartDesign, and the enhanced ergonomics and productivity of SmartRemote.

These four new demolition robots from Brokk reflect the company’s constant focus on innovation, improved performance and increased uptime for customers around the world. Each of the new machines combines state-of-the-art technology, significant improvements in power-to-weight ratios and rugged reliability. Brokk will begin shipping the new models in August/September 2018.

GraphicSchedule Software

GraphicSchedule Software Available for Large, Complex Projects

GraphicSchedule is a software startup providing an Excel application that makes it easy to create linear schedules and one-page bar charts that communicate the big picture for large and complex projects.

After years of tediously creating one-page schedules by hand for major underground construction projects, co-founders James Wonneberg and Ron Drake launched GraphicSchedule to develop an app that the entire industry can use and benefit from. “We believe that people who work on these projects want to know what’s in that 70-page schedule with 3,000-plus activities,” says Wonneberg, “but our industry lacks the tools to communicate that information in a way that the entire team can understand.”

GraphicSchedule runs in Excel and plots shapes with respect to time and location, to graphically depict how a project will be constructed. These graphics can be linked to the master schedule for rapid updates whenever things change. The app is used by contractors, engineering firms, and project owners seeking a better way to communicate their projects.

“We are seeing more and more heavy civil contractors using GraphicSchedule to develop and optimize their bid schedules,” explains Drake, “meanwhile, project owner teams are using it to show their executives and other stakeholders how active projects are progressing.”

Wonneberg and Drake also continue their work in underground construction management, supporting WSDOT’s Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program, and LA Metro’s Regional Connector project, respectively. And they frequently give presentations to help educate the industry about how this method can help major projects.

“It’s exciting to be able to provide a tool that helps the industry we serve,” says Wonneberg. “This is our way of leaving the wood pile a little higher than we found it,” adds Drake.
To download their eBook, or request a free trial of the app, visit www.GraphicSchedule.com.

New Epiroc

New Epiroc SB Hydraulic Breakers Offer Longer Life, Lower Cost

While incorporating the popular features of Epiroc’s market-leading Solid Body (SB) breaker range, the new SB 302 and SB 452 Tunnel versions provide application-specific modifications that extend equipment lifetime and reduce overall operating costs in underground applications.

Piston lifetime in the advanced Tunnel version is extended by a new piston in stainless steel, while bushing seat wear is minimized by a press-fit, one-piece bushing locked by an additional pin. An exchangeable wear plate protects the hammer body and durability is enhanced by heavy duty retainer bars and a locking pin.

The special tunneling tool with a collar supporting a robust front shield and dust cover minimizes the dust intake when working on overhead areas. Two restrictors are available that enable the performance of the hydraulic breaker to be adjusted for either traditional scaling operations or for more challenging rock breaking jobs.

Together these new features add up to less wear, extended lifetime and lower overall operating costs in scaling, tunneling and underground mining applications.

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