Hatch Signs ADA for Toronto’s East Harbour Transit Hub

Hatch has entered into an Alliance Development Agreement (ADA) for the East Harbour Transit Hub, which will be delivered as part of Toronto’s SmartTrack Stations Program. Hatch is the Lead Design Participant  and will provide architectural, engineering, project management, and advisory services to support the development of the East Harbour Transit Hub—a major interchange station on the Lakeshore East and Stouffville GO lines, the Ontario Line subway, and future TTC streetcars.

The project is being delivered as part of the SmartTrack Stations Program and will be built north of the East Harbour development, which is being delivered through Ontario’s Transit-Oriented Communities program.

The East Harbour Transit Hub, which will provide a gateway to East Harbour development, will be the second busiest train station in the GO network (after Toronto’s Union Station).  It will support local transit needs in the community and regional connectivity. Service levels planned as part of GO Expansion would see a GO train arriving at EHTH as frequently as every five minutes.  

“East Harbour is the most significant city building opportunity of this generation. This transformative infrastructure project will provide a greater choice of reliable and convenient route options to shorten commutes and increase quality of life for locals and visitors alike,” shares Phillip Murray, global director, Management and Delivery for Hatch.

The East Harbour Transit Hub is the second major project to be procured by Metrolinx using an alliance model. The award of the ADA has allowed for an early construction work program to begin, and signals the start of a collaborative phase to develop the design, schedule, and cost of the project. The next phase of the project will commence in 2024 once the Project Alliance Agreement is signed, which will position the alliance to execute the project.

The Alliance team includes:

  • Owner: Metrolinx
  • Designers: Hatch
  • Project Management and Construction Partners: Rail Connect Partners

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