Hayward Baker Forms to Commercialize BioJet Technology

Hayward Baker Forms to Commercialize BioJet Technology

The BioJet process for remediation in low-permeability contaminated soils.

Hayward Baker Inc. (HBI) announced the formation of a strategic alliance with EOS Remediation, LLC (EOS, Raleigh, N.C.) and Chemical Grouting Co. Ltd. (CG Co., Tokyo, Japan) for the commercialization of the BioJet technology.

BioJet technology provides a solution for one of the most difficult challenges of environmental remediation in low-permeability (clays and silts) contaminated soils.  The technology uses high velocity jetting tools and CG Co.’s geotechnical analysis to create intimate contact between the engineered remediation products by EOS and the contaminants by “cutting” circular slots in the soil and allowing effective distribution of the remediation products throughout the low-permeability soils.

BioJet sets a new and higher standard for treating a variety of contaminants in difficult strata.  One of the major benefits of the new technology is that treatment time is minimized.  Moreover, contaminant rebound, which has been a common issue with previous technical approaches, is eliminated.

According to George Burke, Senior Vice President, Hayward Baker sees significant commercial potential in the practical applications of BioJet technology.  “Back-diffusion issues pertaining to low-permeability soils have long been a challenge in contamination treatment projects.  This innovative technology, the result of years of research and testing, promises to deliver the most effective means yet to solve those challenges. Hayward Baker has a longstanding relationship with CG Co., including a technical exchange for jet grouting,” he said.

BioJet represents co-patent-pending (U.S. and Japan) technology, developed jointly by EOS and CG Co.  It is the product of eight years of extensive research and development.

Chemical Grouting Co. Ltd. has been offering foundation technologies for more than 50 years. CG Co. specializes in earthquake reinforcement and ground liquefaction prevention, as well as the remediation of contaminated soils with breakthrough innovations in water-jet technology. CG Co. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

EOS Remediation LLC is a leading provider of in-situ remediation products and support, offering an extensive family of products to meet a variety of project needs.

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