Henn Launches Consulting Firm: RW Henn LLC

Ray Henn Ray Henn, veteran of over 40 years in the tunneling and underground construction industry, has formed his own consulting company, RW Henn LLC, Heavy and Underground Construction Consulting.  Henn plans to focus his service offerings on: serving on dispute resolution boards (DRBs); bid support to contractors; underground grouting; claims evaluation, negotiations, and arbitration/litigation support; serving as an expert witness; conducting tunnel inspections and condition surveys; and serving on value engineering teams.

Henn can be contacted at: RW Henn LLC, 7371 South Glencoe Way, Centennial, CO  80122; Phone: 303.446.6628; Mobile: 720.272.7626; Fax: 303.703.1404; Email:     rhenn@RWHenn.com; Web: www.RWHenn.com.

RW Henn Logo


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