Implenia, Stangeland JV Selected to Build E39 Motorway in Norway

Nye Veier, planner and operator of Norwegian motorways, selected the Joint Venture of Implenia and Stangeland as preferred supplier for the motorway E39 Lyngdal east − Lyngdal west. The route is part of the development E39 Sørvest between Kristiansand and Stavanger, and runs between Herdal and Røysgård in Lyngdal municipality. The legally binding decision and contract award is expected for middle of July, 2021.

It is a turnkey contract with a total volume of NOK 2.9 billion (approximately CHF 320 million), the Implenia share amounts to CHF 220 million. Approximately 10 km of four-lane motorway will be built, of which 6.2 km will be double track tunnels, bridges and level crossings. Construction is scheduled to start in autumn 2021, and will continue until summer 2025. Implenia will plan and construct the tunnels as well as the concrete structures while Stangeland will be in charge of building the roads. Sweco Norway has been chosen as the design consultant and will be responsible for the detailed design of bridges, structures, tunnels and roads.

Nye Veier carries out the contract according to the Best Value Procurement (BVP) principles, which gives executing contractors a high degree of influence in accordance with performance and project goals during both the construction and operation period.

“We are delighted to participate in a project that has clear requirements and expectations for solutions and innovation, with requirements in sustainability, reduced greenhouse gas emission and footprint. It gives us room for creativity and opportunities for experience transfer from other projects”, says Audun Aaland, Country President Norway of Implenia.

Both Implenia and Stangeland have sound experience in their respective areas and have been working together on other projects previously. In addition the respective key people know each other and have been collaborating before. Reliability, values, culture and a common understanding of construction activities are a good basis for collaboration.

The weighted award criteria were performance measures, risk analysis, optimization, key personnel and price. “It has been great to participate in a process where the quality of the key people and a trusted relationship with our Joint Venture partner were considered,” says Audun Aaland. He pays tribute to Nye Veier for a future-oriented project, which stimulates the industry to build on previous experience and creativity.

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