Lithos Engineering Welcomes New Team Members

Lithos Engineering has announced the addition of three new members to its staff: James Halverson, Keely Stevenson and Adisa Husejnovic.

James Halverson joined Lithos’ Denver team in March as a Geological Engineer, having previously served in multiple industries including seismic exploration, geotechnical engineering, electrical construction, and mining geology. His diverse experience, attention to detail, project and cost management, analysis and management of complex data systems, teamwork, communication, and subsurface analyses are but a few of the assets that he brings to the Lithos team. In his free time, Halverson enjoys spending time with family; road, mountain, and gravel biking; bike packing; weight training; and volunteer work. He can be reached at jhalverson@lithoseng.com.

Keely Stevenson joined the Lithos Fort Collins team in July as a Geological Engineer, having recently received a B.S. degree in geological engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. During her time at Mines, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant on a project modeling flat roofed mine excavations and optimizing rock bolt placement for maximum stability and minimum cost, primarily programming in UDEC.  Another project she worked on focused on recycling minerals in mine tailings. In her free time, Stevenson enjoys hiking, machining, reading, painting, and can be found trying out new things and learning new skills. Stevenson can be reached at keely@lithoseng.com.

Adisa Husejnovic joined the Lithos Denver team in August as an Administrative Assistant.  Prior to joining Lithos, Husejnovic worked at a commercial general contractor where she managed the bidding process and supported multiple project management teams, in addition to assuring the whole office ran smoothly.  In her free time, Husejnovic enjoys film photography, biking, thrifting, and hiking with her dog Axel and partner Austin. She can be reached at adisa@lithoseng.com.

In keeping with our core values, the Lithos team has grown substantially over the last few years, and the firm remains committed to developing a diverse team of experts that brings recognizable value to clients and their projects.

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