Manitowoc Cranes Announces New Organization Structure

Eric Etchart, president and general manager of Manitowoc Cranes, has announced a new organizational structure that will focus the organization more directly on the customer value stream, while also improving operational efficiencies and streamlining the organization’s decision-making process.

The senior management team for Manitowoc’s crane business will consist of a team of three senior executives, each with a global responsibility. Larry Weyers is now global executive vice president, and responsible for the company’s product lines including engineering, sales and marketing, and Crane Care; Josef Matosevic is executive vice president of operations and procurement, and responsible for the operating value stream including all the facilities and procurement activities; and Dean Nolden is executive vice president of finance and information systems, and responsible for processes and efficiencies. These EVP positions report directly to Eric Etchart, president of Manitowoc Cranes.

The most notable change in the reorganization is a transition from regional management to global product line management. These product line organizations will be focused on creating the customer value proposition and resolving customer retention issues faster. The product line teams will be supported by a new global sales and marketing organization, which will continue to be structured regionally, but will be managed globally. “As our customers become more global we need to adapt our structure to respond faster to their evolving needs, streamline communications, and manage inventory availability more efficiently,” said Etchart.

We are pleased to announce the appointments of the following positions: Dave Hull – senior vice president global sales and marketing; Ingo Schiller – senior vice president rough-terrain, boom truck and industrial cranes; Jean-Noel Daguin – senior vice president of tower cranes; John Kennedy – senior vice president crawler cranes; and Jens Ennen – senior vice president all-terrain and truck cranes.

“This new structure aligns the key resources and accountability closer to our customer value stream to position the business for future growth, and streamline the speed in which we make decisions,” said Etchart.

In an effort to provide continuity in the Asia-Pacific region, Raman Joshi has been appointed as vice president and general manager for Manitowoc Asia-Pacific.

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