Master Builders Solutions Announces ‘Concrete Now!’ Digital Tool

Master Builders Solutions announced the launch of the Concrete Now! app. The web and mobile app provides concrete professionals with calculators and estimators for fiber dosage, carbon footprint, surface evaporation, concrete temperature and concrete volume.

The Concrete Now! app provides essential insights to help concrete professionals plan their concrete mixtures to respond to current and future conditions, as well as to incorporate fiber reinforcement or embodied carbon goals.

“Concrete producers have many facets of their business to manage each day, and Master Builders Solutions understands the intricacies of making small improvements for big impacts in concrete mixtures,“ said Dr. Bruce J. Christensen, President, Master Builders Solutions, US and Canada. “The Concrete Now! app is the right tool to help make their work a little easier, allowing them to better respond to local conditions and attain their specific business goals.”

A key feature of the app includes the MasterFiber Dosage Calculator, which helps with the transition of replacing conventional steel reinforcing bars or welded-wire reinforcement with fiber-reinforcement by calculating the fiber dosage for use in slabs-on-ground and composite metal deck slabs. Another feature within the app, the Embodied Carbon Estimator, analyzes several key factors to provide a comprehensive view of carbon emissions associated with concrete production, thus enabling data-driven decision making for concrete carbon reduction.

The Surface Evaporation Estimator is a feature that determines plastic-shrinkage cracking potential by estimating the concrete’s performance under anticipated weather conditions, allowing concrete professionals to plan accordingly to reduce the cracking potential. Another feature, the Concrete Temperature Calculator, estimates the temperature of freshly mixed concrete, considering the specific heat and mass of its ingredients, to effectively address hot and cold weather concreting challenges. Lastly, the Concrete Volume Calculator is a feature that aids in material estimation for a specific project.

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