Master Builders Solutions Named Exclusive Reseller of COMMANDassurance System

Master Builders Solutions has entered into an exclusive agreement with Command Alkon to be the sole third-party reseller of the COMMANDassurance in-transit concrete monitoring system. The scope of the agreement includes the U.S. and Canada and is effective as of April 21, 2021.

“We’re excited to partner with Command Alkon as their exclusive reseller of COMMANDassurance,” said Dr. Bruce J. Christensen, Senior Vice President, Master Builders Solutions Admixtures. “Offering the COMMANDassurance system is one aspect of our overall strategy to help concrete producers enhance control of their concrete quality and improve operations with real-time information.”

The core of the COMMANDassurance system is the in-truck probe that provides real-time data of concrete properties, such as slump, volume and temperature, while the concrete mixture is in transit. An advantage of the COMMANDassurance system is that it takes measurements from direct contact with the concrete mixture versus other concrete sensor technologies that infer concrete property measurements through in-direct contact with the concrete.

“Having access to real-time concrete data is incredibly powerful for concrete producers,” said Steve Cox, Vice President of Business Development Command Alkon.  “The COMMANDassurance system helps producers improve operational efficiency, product quality and eliminate wasted time and material, which result in overall cost savings.”

“Becoming an exclusive reseller of the COMMANDassurance concrete monitoring system is the first step in our strategic partnership with Command Alkon,” continued Christensen. Both organizations intend to build upon each other’s expertise to continue bringing integrated solutions to the concrete construction industry.

To learn more about COMMANDassurance, visit https://commandalkon.com/mbscommandassurance/.

To learn more about Master Builders Solutions products and services, visit https://www.master-builders-solutions.com/en-us.


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