McMillen Jacobs Associates Announces Split-off Reorganization

McMillen Jacobs AssociatesMcMillen Jacobs Associates announced a split-off reorganization, whereby the Water Resources Division has separated from the Parent Company. The Company’s Underground Division remains.

The move allows management of each company to devote more energy on strategies that align with their clients, staff, and type of work. The split-off reorganization was voted on and approved by shareholders on November 17, 2022 and takes effect December 1.

Dan Adams, Chief Executive Officer of the Parent Company, said, “Since the 2014 merger, our divisions have evolved and grown, and this split-off reorganization will allow each business to have the strategic focus it needs to move into the future.”

Victor Romero continues as President of the Underground Division business, and Mara McMillen continues as President of the Water Resources Division business. Both businesses will rebrand under new names. Where both businesses are currently teamed to deliver collectively to a client, this will be achieved through formal partnership arrangements going forward.

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