New mts Perforator GmbH Office in North America

mts Perforator GmbH

Tunneling equipment manufacturer mts Perforator GmbH, with headquarters in Valluhn, Germany, has opened a North American office for sales and support to its customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The new office is located at 4700 Rockside Rd., Independence, OH 44131.

Mts Perforator GmbH offers a range of tunneling and microtunneling equipment for a wide range of ground conditions. The company was established in July 2000 as a manufacturer of microtunneling systems from 150 mm (6 in.) to 2,000 mm (80 in.) in diameter, and now has machines operating all over the globe.

“Contractors across the country were telling us, that they wanted more options for tunneling and microtunneling machines. That is why we decided to extend our presence in North America,” said Andreas Thiele, Electric Engineer for mts Perforator GmbH. “By introducing an office in North America, we can offer a better service to our clients in sales, technical support, and spare parts. We are also establishing strategic partnerships to provide quick turn-around on electrical and hydraulic components.”

mts Perforator GmbH Mts Perforator GmbH has a long history in the microtunnelling and tunneling market. The company was founded by former employees of Soltau Microtunneling, which was a global market leader in the 1990s before being sold. Soon after the establishment of mts in December 2000, it joined forces with LOVAT Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of large diameter tunnel boring machines (TBMs). Subsequently the company was purchased by Schmidt Kranz Group, a German holding company, and it merged with Perforator GmbH to become mts Perforator GmbH.
In addition to traditional tunneling and microtunneling equipment, mts Perforation is a partner for clients in auger boring, thrust boring, pilot tube tunneling and horizontal directional drilling equipment.

“We pride ourselves in offering unique machines that are specially designed for the different projects worldwide,” said Thiele. “But we also build our machines in a way;  so that they can be easily updated also for future jobs, and always according to U.S. standards.”

The U.S. office is located near Cleveland, Ohio, and is headed up by Gene Lockhart. His contact details are given below:

E-Mail:  lockhart@mts-p.de
Office Phone: 216.264.4006
Mobil Phone: 216.990.8005

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