Neptune Coring Completes Tunnel in Edmonton

akkerman-neptune At the end of June, Neptune Coring (Western) Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta, completed a 183-m (600-ft), 1,500-mm (60-in.) ID RCP tunnel using an Akkerman Series I TBM 600 and a new 5200 Pump Unit.

The tunnel on the Ekota Dry Pond and Menisa Storm Relief Project, located in the Ekota Subdivision of Mill Woods in Edmonton, will alleviate sanitary sewer backups and surface flooding in the two neighborhoods. The general contractor on the project was Sureway Construction Ltd. and it was designed by Sameng Inc. The project is owned by the City of Edmonton – Utilities Infrastructure.

Neptune, a longtime 5000 Series pump unit customer, reported that the crew was very pleased with the performance of the new 5200 pump unit on this run. Mitchell Campbell, project manager stated, “It operates much quieter than its predecessor, the controls are user friendly and the separate pump was more efficient. The added hydraulic oil flows on the 5200 pump unit made for quick pipe installation, even in adverse geology.”

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The crew experienced relatively low thrust pressures throughout, ranging from 3,800 to 5000 psi toward the end of the run. Production was enhanced with the use of bentonite at several locations throughout the tunnel which helped to keep the pressures low. No intermediate jacking stations were needed.

The alignment ran through glacial till conditions. Several large rocks were hand-mined along the way. In the end, crews were able to achieve an average production rate of four pipes per day.



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