Nicholson Awarded Soil Nail Wall Contract at McCook Reservoir

Nicholson Construction was recently awarded a contract for the soil nail wall contract for the Stage 2 Slope Construction at McCook Reservoir in Willow Springs, Illinois. The project owner is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This is Nicholson’s fourth major contract at McCook Reservoir, having previously performed extensive work on the Stage 2 Grout Curtain project, which involved installing a grout curtain around the reservoir’s perimeter and previous soil nail wall work.

Schwartz Excavating, based out of Willow Springs, will serve as the General Contractor for the Stage 2 Slope Construction work, which includes building retaining walls along two sides of the McCook Reservoir in the Stage 2 area with permanent slope stabilization and incidental-related work including surface water pumping, fine grading, soil nail wall and a rock bench. Nicholson’s work includes the installation of approximately 35,000 sq ft and 31,000 lf of soil nails.

“It’s always rewarding to return to a project that we have previously been a part of,” said Dan Thome, Manager of Nicholson’s Midwestern Region. “We’re happy to be back at McCook and we’re looking forward to another successful project with Schwartz Excavating.”
Nicholson’s work will be completed by summer of 2015.

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