Normet Announces New Leadership Approach

NormetNormet Group has decided to renew its operating model. The new operating model enables Normet to increase accountability, customer intimacy and customer focus. Additionally, Normet aims to simplify its operations and flatten its organisation. The changes are made to support the Normet growth ambitions, while improved efficiency enables increased profitability – strengthening ability to invest into the future.

To bring the customer voice stronger into the Normet leadership team, the global sales has been divided into four sales areas. The sales areas are responsible for sales of the whole Normet portfolio. The sales areas are led by:
• APAC: Senior Vice President Neil Fitzmaurice
• EMEA: Senior Vice President Jukka Kurhinen
• North America: Senior Vice President Mike Rispin
• Latin America: Senior Vice President Marcelo Anabalon

The offering, product marketing, supply chain and end-to-end profit and loss responsibility resides in the business lines. The business line structure and leadership will remain the same:
• Equipment Business Line: Senior Vice President Kari Hämäläinen
• Services Business Line: Senior Vice President Mikko Immonen
• Ground Control & Construction Technologies Senior Vice President Himanshu Kapadia

In addition to sales and business lines, the following functions will be part of the Normet leadership team:
• Finance led by Chief Financial Officer Riku Mäkinen
• Human resources led by Vice President Niina Pesonen
• IT & Innovation led by Chief Digital Officer Sanna Pekari
• Legal & Compliance led by General Counsel Kimmo Karihtala
• Marketing and Corporate Development led by Vice President Riku Helander

“I believe the refined operational model with increased customer focus will help us to grow and scale our business profitably. These changes are fundamental building blocks to ensure a competitive cost structure and clear accountability,” says Robin Lindahl, President & CEO, Normet Group.

The new operating model is effective July 1.

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