Normet Launches New Range of High Performance TBM Tail Sealants

The next generation of high performance, eco-friendly tail sealants for shielded tunnel boring machines have been introduced into the Normet TBM product range. The new range of biodegradable, fire resistant tail sealants namely TamSeal TG91 and TamSeal TG92 have been formulated using plant-oil based technology. This continues our commitment to developing eco-friendly and safe solutions for the tunneling and mining industry.

TamSeal TG91 (Driving Grade) and TamSeal TG92 (First Fill) have a lower density from previous versions offering improved pumpability, allowing the wire brush chambers to be filled efficiently and economically with low material consumption. The washout characteristics, adhesion and compressibility have also been optimized through vigorous testing, mitigating wire brush leaks even with sharp changes in tunnel alignment and demanding geological conditions.

Normet has also complemented their new tail sealant products with developments in their soil conditioning technologies. The eco-friendly surfactants and polymers have been formulated to reduce cutterhead torque, improve muck flow characteristics and ensure a homogenous material within the working chamber. The improvements minimize production risks and maintain advancement rates through difficult strata types whilst offering market leading economy.

Normet accompany their new product range with a solid global technical team with a track record of helping customers with problem solving and site support.

For more information on our new range of Tail Sealants and full range of TBM materials, please visit the company’s website.

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