RETC Travels to the Nation’s Capital

The Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC) – North America’s largest tunneling event in 2013 – is heading to Washington, D.C., June 23-26. The nationís capital is an appropriate spot for a tunneling conference, as the region is host to major ongoing tunnel works, as well as the landmark subway system that was built in the city beginning in 1969.

Currently, DC Water is in the midst of a tunneling program that includes the Blue Plains Tunnel, a 26-ft diameter, 24,000-lf tunnel that is being built by the design-build contracting approach by Traylor/Skanska/Jay Dee JV. Follow-on projects are scheduled through 2025 that will serve to reduce sewer overflows into the waterways around the city.

Additionally, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) in Maryland and Fairfax Water in Virginia have ongoing projects to improve water service in the metropolitan area. But the crown jewel of tunneling in the area will always be the subway, which is under the jurisdiction of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA).

What is noteworthy about the Washington subway system is that it was built from scratch, unlike most cities in which portions were built out over time. Metro construction included all types of construction, including aerial, surface and subsurface, with subsurface construction primarily in the downtown core. Subway construction involved a variety of techniques including open-cut, drill-blast, liner plate, TBM and NATM – in rock and soft ground.

While subway construction involved many of the major players in the U.S. tunneling community – including Kiewit, Shea, Kenny, Morrison Knudsen, Traylor Brothers, Healy, Mergentime, and others – it also attracted firms from overseas, which brought with them techniques that were new to the North American market. WMATA is recognized as the first owner agency in the United States to use NATM, commonly used in Europe, and large-scale earth-pressure balance (EPB) tunnel boring machines based on Japanese technology.

Likewise, RETC will showcase the latest developments in tunnel construction with technical presentations from leading construction professionals across North America and the world. The program also features an exhibit hall with leading manufacturers and service provides showcasing the industry’s state of the art.

RETC, which will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park, is sponsored and organized by the Underground Construction Association of SME (UCA). It is held in alternating years with the North American Tunneling Conference (NAT), also presented by UCA.

For more information or to register, visit www.smenet.org/meetings

ABC Industries
ABC Industries, Inc. has launched its new TruOval MineVent line of layflat blower ducting for the mine, tunnel and underground construction industries. TruOval is engineered with suspension cables spaced intermittently through the ducting to maintain the ductingís oval shape. By utilizing the internal cable suspension system and eliminating the fabric divider typically seen in oval layflat ducting, TruOval minimizes the amount of air flow friction and maximizes the ventilation systemís efficiency. Its oval shape also allows for more headroom in confined spaces and accommodates higher profile underground equipment.

For 40 years, Akkerman has developed, manufactured and supported quality pipe jacking and tunneling equipment that accurately installs a variety of underground infrastructure. Over the years, the company has introduced its manned pipe jacking, microtunneling, guided boring and earth pressure balance systems to expand the range of sizes, ground conditions and complexities in which its systems perform. Akkerman is committed to exceeding customer expectations with integrity, diligence and without compromise. Akkerman is goal driven for customer success.

Alpine Equipment
Alpine Equipment is an industry leader with more than 40 years of expertise in roadheaders, shaft sinkers and hydraulic cutterhead attachments. Alpine can spec equipment for tunneling, mining, scaling, excavating and any other rock cutting or grinding project. New and refurbished roadheaders are available and ready to work or to be customized for your specific job requirement. Alpine also specializes in transverse rotary cutter/grinder attachments with models ranging from 20 to 190 hp to fit most carrier vehicles. Alpine’s experienced team can assist you in equipping your project, engineering custom solutions or spare parts supply.

Amix Systems Ltd.
Amix Systems Ltd. has combined the best of technologies and developed its flagship product – the Amix Colloidal Mixer (ACM). The innovation of the ACM addresses historic challenges that the industry faces. The ACM produces higher quality grouts, and higher output than similar products on the market. Amix Systems Ltd. is owned and operated by leading industry experts; and has been built on the synergies of a team with an outstanding history since 1990. Amix Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures grout and backfill mixing systems, and custom equipment for civil, environmental, mining and construction products.

Antraquip continues its growth as the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of roadheaders, hydraulic rock grinders, shaft sinkers, special tracked machines with a variety of boom options, and tunnel support systems. Antraquip roadheaders and rock grinders/cutters, built to the highest technical standards, are being used all over the world in a variety of civil engineering and mining projects. Antraquip offers not only standard roadheaders in the 12- to 70-ton weight class, but is extremely flexible in offering project-oriented engineering solutions. Antraquip is also a reliable partner for lattice girders, steel sets and arch roof canopy systems for projects throughout North America.

Arup is a leading geotechnical and tunneling consultant, delivering outstanding solutions to complex problems. The firm’s experience encompasses all aspects of tunneling in a full range of ground conditions. Named Tunnel Design Firm of the Year at the 2012 International Tunnelling Awards, Arups approach to tunnel projects is truly multidisciplinary. Its team of experienced tunnel engineers draws on the capabilities of a full suite of allied disciplines to provide “tunneling plus” advice. Arup’s total design approach, using committed specialists working closely together, produces innovative solutions and real value to clients for some of the world’s largest and most complex tunnel projects.

Avanti International
Established in 1978, Avanti International is the most experienced provider of high-quality chemical grouts in the United States. Avanti’s products are used to control water infiltration in mines, tunnels, subways, dams, sewers, and above and below-grade structures, including the World Trade Center clean-up after 9/11. From arid Egyptian climates to humid South American locales, Avanti’s products are used worldwide to stop water infiltration, stabilize soils and encapsulate hazardous waste via probe grouting, tube-a-manchette grouting, curtain grouting and remote packer grouting with Ultrafine Cement, Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic Foams, Acrylamide, Acrylic and Acrylate Grouts, Chemically Activated Gels and Water-Activated Foams.

Babendererde Engineers
Babendererde Engineers, founded in 1999, is an independent engineering company specializing in underground tunneling. Together with its sister company, Babendererde Engineers of Bad Schwartau, Germany, the firm focuses on tunnel design, project development, construction management and process engineering, as well as offer independent expert assistance on contractual disputes. Additionally, Babendererde Engineers offers Tunneling Processing Control (TPC) software, which is a unique software system that facilitates data management with multiple features easily tailored by the user for a specific purpose.

Ballard Diving & Hyperbaric Services
Ballard Diving & Hyperbaric Services (BDHS) provides experienced shaft and tunnel support services around the world. BDHS is currently performing hyperbaric support for the vast majority of tunnels that require such services throughout North America, including the prestigious Alaskan Way Viaduct, Lake Mead and Port Mann tunnels. Worldwide, BDHS has the ability to perform turnkey services or work with your team to come up with the safest and most effective program for your tunnel.

Becker Mining America/Becker Wholesale Mine Supply
Becker Mining America designs and manufactures electrical components, open-type/explosion-proof enclosures, motor starters, longwall electrical controls and distribution equipment, machinery parts, maintenance equipment and supplies for a variety of industries. The success of Becker Mining America resulted in seven major facility expansions that increased the product lines to include transformers, distribution equipment, electronic monitoring devices, connectors, and an assortment of vacuum switches. One of the major acquisitions, Becker Wholesale Mine Supply LLC, is the world’s leading supplier of wireless communications, tagging, tracking, proximity detection, and two-way radio communications for the tunneling industry.

Bekaert is a worldwide group with a workforce of 27,000 and customers in over 120 countries.   Bekaert is a leading independent producer of high-grade steel cord, steel wire and advanced materials.  Bekaert’s Dramix steel fibers are widely used in the construction sector and have a leading position in the market of steel fiber concrete reinforcement. Dramix is a successful alternative for traditional steel mesh and bar reinforcement. For 40 plus years, Dramix steel fiber technology has offered durability and safety to tunnel contractors. Dramix is an economical reinforcement product that obtains higher reinforcement performance with lower steel fiber dosages.

Brokk Inc.
Ideal for cross-passages and safety niches, the B400 is one of Brokk’s larger and more powerful machines. The Brokk 400 offers remarkable capacity for its size and weight. When paired with an Atlas Copco SB552 hammer, the Brokk 400 has a hitting power of no less than 773 ft-lbs at the tip of the tool. It is compact enough to enable access into smaller, confined spaces at just 59.1 in. wide and 67.8 in. tall. Powered by a 30kW electric motor, the Brokk 400 offers emissions-free operation. Brokk has been the world’s leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines and attachments for more than 30 years.

For over 43 years, CAB has been supplying the tunneling and mining industry with high-quality hangers and mine safety products. CAB hangers are widely recognized for their high strength, quality and important safety features. They are designed to safely support all types of sensor, data, control, communication and electrical cables in above and below ground operations. With the growing importance of safety, CAB has greatly expanded its line of safety products in recent years. This includes products such as high-visibility streamers, markers, tubes, bags and apparel.

Caterpillar Tunneling
Caterpillar Tunneling offers a full line of tunneling equipment and TBMs from 2 m in diameter to more than 12 m. Cat machines are backed by world-class product support from launch to breakthrough. Cat TBMs help clients succeed by delivering high-quality solutions with reliable durable products that are built to be rebuilt. Custom built to suit your project needs for metro, water main, sewer, roads, penstock, mine access and telecommunication tunnels worldwide. Cat Tunnel Boring Machines – the solution for tough jobs.

ChemGrout’s CG-600 Series comprises heavy-duty, high-volume colloidal grout plants that have provided the tunneling industry the standard for both water cut-offs and back-filling since 1963. The series combines the latest advances in colloidal mixing with ChemGrout’s patented 3L6A pump, providing outputs of up to 20 gpm and 261 psi. These field-proven grout plants feature a 13-ft3 capacity “Turobmixer,” along with a rotating bridge breaker, 13-ft3 capacity vertical shaft paddle agitator and a three-stage, size 6, closed-throat progressive cavity pump.  Mixer and pump are mounted on a single skid for quick, easy setup and immediate operation.

Crux Subsurface
Crux is a leader in geotechnical construction and exploration. With over 10 years of experience in the tunneling industry, Crux has provided solutions to some of the most logistically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects in the country. Specialties include long-range horizontal core holes, optical and acoustical televiewer services, high-quality sampling and instrument installation. Pre-excavation stabilization services include dewatering, permeation and compaction grouting, and cased horizontal boreholes. Crux provides design-build services and a fleet of customized equipment to ensure that project needs are met.

CTS Cement
Rapid Set cement products from CTS are high-performance concrete materials that are used for underground roadway repair for ramps, underground maintenance facilities, and anywhere rutted out sections in mines need attention. Rapid Set products are great for extra high strength and abrasion resistant shotcrete in high traffic areas and in ore shafts. High strength, low shrinkage Rapid Set grout achieves strengths up to 7500 psi (55 MPa) in four hours. Rapid Set cement products achieve high strength much faster than most any other cement based products in the market.  Many installations can be put into service in as soon as one hour.

Daigh Co.
Daigh Co. is the supplier of Da-mite Rock Splitting Mortar. Da-mite is used to fracture rock and concrete in “no-blast” conditions. Da-mite is an ideal and effective tool for fracturing mass rock, boulders, trench rock, dimensional stone, concrete and reinforced concrete. Da-mite is mixed with water and placed in appropriately placed predrilled holes, where it sets and expands, fracturing the rock or concrete.  No license required.  There are four grades of Da-mite, providing enough versatility to be utilized in drilled hole diameters from 1 in. to 2 æ in.

David R. Klug & Associates
David R. Klug & Associates Inc. provides international and national manufacturer representative services to the underground heavy civil and mine construction industries. The company specializes in the coordination of products, equipment and services for NATM, soft ground, precast segmental and conventional tunnel construction. This is inclusive of initial support systems, GFRP bolts and soft-eye structures, flexible membrane waterproofing systems, prefabricated final lining reinforcement products, steel molds, connectors and gasket sealing systems for one-pass precast tunnel linings, tunnel profiling/scanning equipment and associated site services, design and supply of project specific material handling systems, and complex final lining forming systems.

Derrick Equipment Co.
Derrick is a family-owned manufacturer of slurry separation and desanding equipment for the underground construction industry for use in applications such as tunneling, microtunneling, slurry wall, foundation/shaft drilling, cutter soil mixing, geothermal and HDD.  Derrick can provide complete separation plants from 100 to 1,000 cubic meters per hour or individual components such as primers, shakers, desanding and desilting mud cleaners, and high-speed decanting centrifuges. Derrick’s Super G vibrating motors and hydraulic Adjustable While Drilling (AWD) mechanisms achieve maximum solids conveyance alongside polyurethane screen surfaces or corrugated Pyramid Screen technology, offering 57 percent more screening area, result in the most efficient solids removal.

Dr. Sauer & Partners
Dr. Sauer & Partners has been in practice in the United States for more than 25 years, and employs tunnel engineers at main offices located in Washington, D.C., London and Salzburg. The firm provides cost-effective and innovative tunneling solutions using conventional mining approaches to owners and contractors. Dr. Sauer & Partners is recognized worldwide as one of the leading consultants for design and construction supervision of tunnels and underground structures. The application of innovative design solutions and high-quality field supervision has led to the successful completion of numerous transportation and utility tunnels.

Elasto Plastic Concrete
Elasto Plastic Concrete is a leader in the development of the highest range of Macro synthetic fibers designed for the toughest projects. Elasto Plastic Concrete has supplied BarChip to over 300 tunnel projects worldwide in both NATM primary and secondary linings and in tunnel segmental linings. BarChip fiber is manufactured to ASTM standards and is the toughest fiber in the market providing the lowest performance-based cost vs. steel mesh, steel fiber or other competitor synthetic fiber. BarChip is more durable than steel fiber and is not affected by corrosion or early age embrittlement that is detrimental to shotcrete or concrete using steel fibers.

Euclid Chemical
Euclid Chemical serves the tunneling industry with new and innovative products developed for annulus grouting, soil conditioning and precast segments. Euclid Chemical has been involved several large tunnel projects throughout the Americas and continues to be the innovative leader in this market segment. Euclid Chemical staff has been influential in the design of successful annulus grout mixes for several tunnel projects. For any underground concrete application, The Euclid Chemical Company offers superior products and customer service to the tunneling industry.

Everest Equipment Co.
Since 1975, Everest Equipment Co. has been a leading designer and manufacturer of custom underground construction forms in North America.  The company’s history includes the engineering and experience from the founding days of Ewing-Records and Burke Forms Group. Everest is your custom formwork source should your project require shaft formwork, blast-proof shaft formwork, many types of tunnel formwork, California switches, underground gantries and related equipment. Everest is proud to encompass sales support, in-house engineering, and North American fabrication and on site servicing of custom formwork designed to meet the harsh requirements of underground forming.

Geo-Instruments specializes in assisting geotechnical and civil engineers to monitor any movement in structures and in the earth. The company manufactures and supplies sensors and systems to measure movement, pressure, vibration and other environmental changes in structures, soil and rock.

Geokon Inc., the world leader in vibrating wire technology, manufactures a complete line of high-quality geotechnical instrumentation suitable for monitoring the safety and stability of a variety of civil and mining structures including tunnels, underground caverns, mine openings, foundations, piles and the like. The company’s complete selection of geotechnical instrumentation includes piezometers, pressure cells, strain gages, inclinometers, load cells, extensometers, dataloggers, etc. Geokonís elegant and rugged sensor designs exhibit excellent long-term stability, accuracy and reliability even in the most adverse conditions. Geokon has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 registration from both ANSIïANAB, USA and UKAS of Great Britain, and Russian GOST certification.

Grindex Pumps
For over 50 years, Grindex has been a world leader in electrical submersible pump technology for demanding applications such as construction, mining and heavy industry. Known worldwide for their high reliability, durability and dependability, Grindex pumps are designed for the most challenging environments imaginable. Thanks to the built-in motor protection and the air valve, the pumps can run unsupervised for longer periods, and even run dry for a length of time. MSHA-approved pumps are also available for use in gassy mines or tunnels, and offered in dewatering and sludge configurations. Pump designs range from 0.6 to 140 hp. Solids handling capability of up to 3.2 in., capacities of up to 750 ft and 5100 gpm.

Hatch Mott MacDonald
Hatch Mott MacDonald provides tunnel design and engineering solutions for rail and transit, road, water/wastewater conveyance, CSO storage, and cable and communications. With a reputation for technical excellence, Hatch Mott MacDonald identifies practical approaches to tunneling, equipment selection and contracting approaches. Expertise includes soft ground and rock tunneling, cut and cover, underground caverns, immersed tube tunnels, jacked tunnels, and microtunneling. Complementary skills in technical areas include tunnel rehabilitation, ground stabilization and treatment, tunnel systems, ventilation, and life safety and security. With a staff of 2,200 and over 65 offices throughout North America, Hatch Mott MacDonaldís vision is to be the consultant of choice.

Herrenknecht AG
Everywhere that tunnels are constructed using mechanized techniques, Herrenknecht machines and equipment are in use. The companyís equipment can deal with any sort of geological conditions and covers the complete range of mechanized tunneling technology. Herrenknecht develops, assembles and supplies mobile tunneling equipment with cross-sections from 0.10 m to more than 19 m. in 2013, Herrenknecht will have five machines operating on U.S. projects: Lake Mead Intake No. 3 (7.22 m, Hard Rock/Mix Shield), Port of Miami Tunnel (12.86 m, EPB), OARS (6.7 m, EPB), Euclid Creek (8.23 m, Single Shield) and Blue Plains Tunnel (7.99 M, EPB).

HNTB, with 3,800 professionals, is a leader in providing solutions to infrastructure problems nationwide. The firm has a long history in design and engineering services for tunnels and underground construction, from planning through final design and construction. The firm has completed award-winning projects on some of the country’s most complex tunneling projects, including experience in highway, transit, rail, aviation and water resources. Most recently, HNTB was named “Tunneling Advisor/Programme Manager of the Year” in the 2012 New Civil Engineer International Tunneling Awards for the Devil’s Slide Tunnel project. HNTB’s experts have the insight and knowledge to provide innovative solutions to tunneling challenges, from small diameter excavations to designing the Alaskan Way Tunnel, the largest TBM tunnel in the world.

Hughes Brothers
Hughes Brothers Inc., manufacturer of Aslan FRP materials, will be displaying various fiber-reinforced polymer products that facilitate TBM launch and reception chambers, removable FRP soil nails and earth anchors, GFRP bars for face stabilization in sequential excavation methods and GFRP rock bolts. Aslan FRP bars are uniquely suited to the tunneling and mining industry as they are very high strength, lightweight, and non-corroding but are easily “consumed” by mining equipment or tunnel boring machines. The Aslan 100 GFRP rebar has been used in over 300 TBM launch and breakouts projects worldwide. Recently, extensive use was made of Aslan bars in the diaphragm walls for the Seattle SR99 Alaska Way Viaduct replacement tunnel.

Jacobs Associates
Jacobs Associates is an award-winning firm that provides practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions for difficult underground projects and excels in the water, wastewater and transportation sectors. Jacobs Associates is one of the foremost leaders in the underground industry in North America. The firm also provides engineering consulting services to clients all over the world. With an emphasis on tunnels and shafts, Jacobs Associates offers a full range of design, construction management and dispute resolution capabilities. The company’s design services include tunnel design, shaft design, excavation support, rail clearance improvements, deep foundations, dewatering, slope stabilization, foundation design and geotechnical characterization.

JADCO Manufacturing
For more than 30 years, JADCO Manufacturing Inc. (Zelienople, PA) has been a global leader in solving the toughest wear, impact and abrasion challenges in the tunneling, mining, steel, construction, power generation, recycling and other major industries. At RETC, the company will display its premier lines of CHROMEWELD Overlay Plate that outlast virtually any material in high-abrasion applications, and QT-Plus Wear Steels that provide 10 times the wear life of conventional offerings. In addition, the ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer will exhibit its HARDGUARD wear blocks that defeat the harshest, most abrasive operating conditions.

Lachel & Associates
Lachel & Associates (Lachel), a Schnabel Engineering company, specializes in design and construction management services for tunneling and other heavy civil construction projects in the areas of transportation, water and wastewater infrastructure, and hydroelectric power. Lachel combines its expertise in the design and construction of underground structures with a keen understanding of nuances and interrelationship of geology, hydrogeology and geotechnics on underground projects.  From inception, through design, risk assessment, estimating, construction and operations, Lachel provides time-critical answers to difficult questions that help make certain the project comes in on time and within budget.

Layne Geo
Layne Geo consists of a family of related businesses as a division within the Layne Co. Together Geo provides a full range of geotechnical construction services. The Geo Division includes Layne GeoConstruction, Bencor, Tecniwell and Costa Fortuna, each specializing in state-of-the-art techniques that include diaphragm slurry walls, jet grouting, specialized drilling and grouting services, ground improvement and stabilization and state-of-the-art computerized real-time data management systems. Layne’s history of innovation and its design-build capabilities provide owners with turn-key, cost-effective foundation solutions. Clients include numerous private, power, federal and state agencies. Layne operates with offices located around the world.

As a world leader in the design and development of advanced solutions for erosion control and reinforcement structures for over 130 years, Maccaferri has evolved to become a reliable partner in complex civil and environmental engineering applications, focusing on underground works. Maccaferri offers a range of solutions for use in tunneling projects, including Wirand steel fibers and FibroMac synthetic fibers for improving the performance of concrete, and specialized tunneling products such as self-drilling bolts and steel anchors, fiberglass reinforcement bars, drainage tubes and ceramic final linings. Maccaferri’s experts offer specialized technical support, project analysis, design and product selection.

Malcolm has for five decades been an innovator and leader in the deep foundation industry. Our list of core services include drilled shafts, auger cast piles, Omega displacement piles, micropiles, excavation support systems, cutoff and secant pile walls, slope stabilization, underpinning, various ground improvement techniques and dewatering. Our experience facilitates a Design/Build approach to projects and allows for timely collaboration with owners and contractors. We provide these services nationwide through our regional offices. Whether the project is large or small, public or private, hard bid or design/build, with or without schedule compression, our list of projects will demonstrate Malcolm’s experience and expertise to help guide your project to a successful completion.

McDowell Equipment
McDowell can supply brand new and late-model tunneling equipment for rental or sale. The company’s rental fleet consists of underground loaders (LHD) ranging from Ω to 10 yd, underground haul trucks from 7 to 40 tons, low profile motor graders, jumbo drills with one, two or three booms, underground remixers, locomotives, and muck cars. McDowell manufactures shotecrete machines, scissor lifts, anfo loaders and personnel carriers. McDowell can also offer fully re-manufactured or reconditioned equipment at significant savings from new with fast delivery times.

Messinger Bearings
Celebrating 100 years, Messinger Bearings is one of an elite few companies in the world capable of producing large (up to 25 ft in diameter), custom-designed bearings in limited quantities for tunnel boring machines (TBMs). In fact, Messinger focuses only on manufacturing new and expert repairing of large custom bearings in low volumes for special applications. Messinger goes above and beyond supplying just the bearing, offering complete solutions (field inspection, bearing storage tanks, etc.). With Messinger’s expanding core of expertise and experience, you can expect a quick response, unparalleled application support and timely delivery to better support the tunnel market.

Midwest Industrial Supply
Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. provides dust control solutions at tunnel boring sites, from full-service spraying, site survey, equipment design, installation and service through on-site performance testing. Midwest’s systems make tunnel-boring operations safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Midwest Industrial Supply is a proven leader in environmentally sound, dust-control technology for every application where fugitive dust is a problem. Midwest brings its customers more solutions, documentation and support than any other manufacturer.

MineARC Systems
Established in 1999, MineARC Systems is now the global leader in the manufacture and supply of emergency safe-refuge systems to the underground mining, tunneling and chemical processing industries. In an industrial emergency, when evacuation is no-longer safe or practical, MineARC refuge chambers are designed to provide a safe and secure “go-to” area for personnel to gather and await extraction. Present in over 100 operations in over 40 countries, MineARC refuge chambers have been successfully used around the world in multiple mining and tunneling emergencies to save lives. All MineARC refuges comply with the highest international industry regulations and guidelines.

Mining Equipment
Mining Equipment is proudly building a complete line of diesel locomotives. The company has been rebuilding every make of locomotive available over the last 30 years, and has seen examples of the good, the bad and the impractical when it comes to locomotive design. Using that hard-earned knowledge and experience, along with a great deal of customer input, Mining Equipment decided to build a simpler, more robust locomotive that the company knows customers want and need.

Moretrench is a geotechnical contractor specializing in design-build and turnkey solutions for challenging construction requirements and subsurface conditions. The company’s range of services includes dewatering and groundwater control; ground/water treatment; ground freezing; grouting; cut-off and containment; earth retention and excavation support; underpinning and foundation support; deep foundations; ground improvement, landfill gas and leachate systems; and specialized civil and mechanical construction. These services are available nationwide through offices in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas and Washington, D.C.

MWH Global
MWH Global is a strategic consulting, technical engineering and construction services firm leading the wet infrastructure sector. Offering a full range of services and innovative, award-winning solutions beginning in the initial planning phases through construction and asset management, MWH partners with clients in multiple industries to implement projects and programs that focus on water, energy, natural resources and infrastructure. MWH’s 7,500 employees in 35 countries spanning six continents are dedicated to fulfilling the firm’s purpose of “Building a Better World,” which reflects its commitment to sustainable development. MWH is a private, employee-owned firm with a rich legacy beginning in 1820.

Naylor Pipe Co.
Established in 1925, Naylor Spiralweld Steel Pipe is the contractor’s choice for tunnel construction pipe: ventilation, compressed air, cooling water, well point headers and dewatering service are common uses. Naylor Pipe is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A-139 and ASTM A-211 specifications. Diameters range from 4 to 96 in. and thicknesses from 1/16 to Ω in. Also available are the necessary fittings and connections including the exclusive Naylor Heavy Duty Wedgelock Couplings to complete your pipe system.

Nicholson Construction
Nicholson has been both a leader and an innovator in the geotechnical construction industry for more than 50 years. With regional offices across the country and headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Nicholson is a nationally renowned specialty contractor, offering proven expertise in the design and installation of deep foundation elements, earth retention systems and ground treatment solutions. The company prides itself on its ability to consistently provide clients with innovative, high-quality design-build options for projects of varying size and complexity. Nicholson is the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, one of the world’s leading geotechnical contractors, and is part of a global network of unparalleled geotechnical resources and expertise.

Normet North America
Normet produces solutions for demanding customer processes in underground mining and tunneling. For 50 years, Normet has developed, manufactured and marketed equipment and vehicles for underground applications. In addition, the company provides a comprehensive range of lifetime care services, e.g. maintenance, service programs, spare parts and training around the equipment and the processes for which they are used Normet offers also a comprehensive range of constructions chemicals for underground mining and tunneling processes.

Since 1944, Parsons has worked on some of the largest, most complex tunneling and underground construction projects in the United States and around the world. The company’s more than 100 tunnel professionals have completed more than 60 recent tunnel projects, with specific expertise in planning; design; construction (design-build and alternative delivery); construction management; program management; and the operation of water, wastewater, and transportation tunnels. Experienced with soft-ground, rock, and mixed-faced conditions, Parsons is committed to delivering rapid, safe, economical tunneling. When you can’t go over or around an obstacle, only one solution remains: Parsons.

Parsons Brinckerhoff
Parsons Brinckerhoff is a leader in developing and operating infrastructure around the world, with 14,000 employees dedicated to meeting the needs of clients and communities in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia-Pacific regions. Parsons Brinckerhoff offers multidisciplinary skills for the development of all modes of infrastructure including transportation, power, mining and water/wastewater. The firm’s Geotechnical and Tunneling group provides a full range of engineering, planning and construction management services that have resulted in award-winning tunnels, caverns, underground storage facilities and below-ground structures.

QSP Packers
QSP Packers is a manufacturer/supplier of a complete range of inflatable and mechanical packers used in North America and worldwide.  They have many uses, including pressure grouting, single or straddle set-up, tube-a-manchette, wireline/core drilling, permeability testing, and water wells. Also available are environmental well packers, and even mechanical packers. They are field repairable. If something goes wrong, just call QSP Packers and the company will have the parts to you next day.  Parts are interchangeable with packers using Bimbar, Geopro and Petrometalic Glands.

Rasa, formed in 1907, has become an industrial leader and specialty manufacturer in Japan, dealing in industrial chemicals, recycling plants, steel forging and tunneling equipment. For the past 30 years, Rasa Industries Ltd. has manufactured a full line of microtunneling and EPB machines ranging from 30- to 160-in. OD. Supplying specialty jacking frames and power packs, slurry pump packages, along with data logging and gyro navigation systems partner, Tokyo-Keiki Ltd., Rasa has become a leader within the entire Pacific Rim, Southeast Asia and Australasia markets.  Introduced in the United States in 2009, Rasa has been recognized for its robust and user-friendly equipment.

Reimers Systems Inc.
Since 1994 Reimers Systems, Inc. has been a leading provider of high quality hardware for man-rated hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers customized for clinical, tunneling and diving applications. Besides hyperbaric/hypobaric equipment, RSI has also has been providing breathing simulators used for performance testing of various life support equipment used in diving and mining applications. RSI tunneling products include code compliant and customized hardware such as TBM man locks, shuttles, medical air locks and saturation (SAT) diving systems for tunneling and diving. Man locks are generally mounted to the face of a TBM, shuttles are used as transfer under pressure (TUP) locks, and medical air lock or SAT systems used as topside decompression chambers.

Rocscience Inc. creates geotechnical software for rock and soil. We specialize in 2D and 3D analysis and design programs for civil engineering and mining applications. Recommended by experts in the field, our high quality, easy-to-use Windows-based programs can speed up design projects such as underground powerhouses, tunnels, mine stopes and rock and soil slopes. Our software allows users to quickly and accurately analyze surface and underground structures in rock and soil, thereby improving safety and reducing the cost of design projects.

Sandvik Construction
Sandvik offers the world’s widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition and bulk materials handling. Among its vast offering, Sandvik features its new generation of intelligent DTi series jumbos and the iSURE information analysis tool. Sandvik DTi series tunneling jumbos are designed to be fast, accurate and user-friendly. They produce excavation results of the highest quality, with the lowest costs. Sandvik iSURE is a new, revolutionary tunneling project management and information analysis tool for optimizing the drilling and blasting patterns. Sandvik iSURE and the DTi series jumbos together form an unbeatably accurate rock excavation system for tunneling and underground spaces.

Schwing Bioset
Non-stop pumping! The Schwing Bioset KSP 10 muck pump is the most efficient pump for microtunneling.  This pump allows continuous drilling operations without shutdowns to manually empty bins of cuttings, doubling the distances than can be drilled per day. The pumpsí ability to stand up to the harshest of conditions allows them to provide dependable service every day. For customers who want the most for their money and time, the KSP10 is ready to work for you.

Shannon & Wilson
Since 1956, Shannon & Wilson has provided engineering services for more than 900 tunnel projects.  The firm’s experience encompasses all phases of underground engineering from conceptual design, through design and specification, to construction support. Shannon & Wilson conducts subsurface exploration using a wide range of mapping, geophysical and boring techniques; groundwater evaluations to assess dewatering requirements; soil and rock property evaluations; prediction of soil and rock loads on shafts, tunnels and underground openings; estimation of likely impacts of underground construction on adjacent facilities; preparation of technical specifications and plans; and implementation of field instrumentation systems to measure the loads, stresses, deformations, and groundwater levels associated with underground construction.

Sika Tunneling
Sika is a globally operating specialty chemicals company. For tunneling, Sika offers a wide variety of products such as, chemical admixtures for concrete, repair and protection products, waterproofing products and equipments for shotcrete. Sika’s product line for chemical admixtures includes a full range of admixtures useful for cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete and shotcrete. Sika’s repair products include grouts, mortars, adhesives, sealants and structural strengthening systems and Sikaís waterproofing products include membranes, waterstops and drainage systems. For equipment, Sika Aliva offers a wide range of equipment for dry and wet shotcrete applications.

Stirling Lloyd
For more than 35 years, Stirling Lloyd has led the world in high-performance waterproofing for tunnels and bridges, utilizing advanced MMA technology. Secure waterproofing for the internal linings of SEM concrete-lined tunnels is provided by the Integritank HF membrane, with a strong, seamless bond across 100 percent of the substrate in any orientation, bridging newly formed cracks, accepting direct shotcrete application, and suitable for 100 percent non-destructive impermeability testing during construction. Stirling Lloyd is dedicated to the long-term protection of highway, railroad and utility infrastructures.

TEI Rock Drills
TEI Rock Drills manufactures electrically powered drills for the tunneling industry. These rigs are equipped with TEI’s patented feeds, drifters and rotary heads. All types of percussion, rotary, coring and auger drilling are possible with emphasis directed to very adaptable drills build on small electric carriers.  All TEI Rock Drills are manufactured in Montrose, Colo.

Tenbusch Inc.
Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures custom tunneling and pipe jacking systems for underground construction applications. Products include but are not limited to: tunnelling and pipe jacking shields, excavators, conveyors, spoil carts and track, jacking frames, hydraulic power units, bentonite/polymer lubrication systems, and backstops. Tenbusch also manufactures sliplining systems and pipe carriers. From desktop conception, to the heavy-duty equipment delivered at the jobsite, Tenbusch produces high-quality tunneling and pipe jacking systems. Based on customer needs and requirements, Tenbusch can supply either individual components or a complete integrated equipment system.

The Robbins Company
The people at Robbins know tunneling is tough, but they believe partnerships shouldn’t be.

The Robbins Company provides comprehensive solutions to the world’s most challenging TBM projects, from the cutters at the face to the continuous conveyors at the back. Whether the tunnel is in abrasive quartzite or watery clay, Robbins is with you every step of the way. Robbinsí booth at RETC will feature interactive iPads and videos from the company’s latest projects, and will be staffed by knowledgeable international employees.

VMT GmbH, based in Germany with subsidiaries in Russia, Australia, United States and China, has supplied best-selling tunnel navigation and optimization systems worldwide since 1994. Additional solutions boost productivity by automating and monitoring processes. For segmental lined tunnels, VMT provides systems to measure the dimensional geometrical tolerances and track segments during production, storage and installation enabling storage optimization with reduced storage and personnel costs. Software for the calculation of the best ring sequence as well as equipment for monitoring of ring deformation is also offered.  VMTís information and risk management system enables correlation of the differing data sources on a typical project.

W.R. Grace & Co. Infrastructure
Grace Construction Products has been a leader in the advancement of waterproofing technologies and solutions and combines innovative technologies and time-tested products to provide reliable waterproofing solutions for virtually all below-grade infrastructure applications. Grace also offers a wide variety of admixtures, fibers, corrosion inhibitors, shrinkage reducing admixtures and synthetic macrofibers for structural concrete. Additionally, Grace offers high and ultra-high density spray-applied cementitious fireproofing to protect against the most severe fire exposures. Grace offers maintenance and repair solutions with grout technology from the DeNeef line of polyurethanes and acrylate grouts to provide leak sealing solutions that stop the infiltration of water into the structure.

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