TBM Interview with Atkore FRE Composites

TBM editor Jim Rush sits down with Jimmy Allen, Product Manager, and Tom Feissle, Director of Business Development for Atkore FRE Composites. They discuss Atkore’s company background and its history and offerings in the underground construction market.

Atkore FRE Composites

FRE Composites, a division of Atkore, has been designing, developing and producing fiberglass products since 1958. FRE serves the electrical and industrial markets in North America and emerging countries with its well-established distribution network. With its broad offering of epoxy- and phenolic-based products, FRE Composites continues to develop reliable products serving various markets including data center, telecom, industrial, underground, bridge and tunnel applications. Learn more here: https://www.atkore.com.

Atkore FRE Composites

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