TBM Launches Digital Editions!

tbm-logo TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital platform. The new digital edition takes the place of the iPad app that had been available. The new digital edition, a replica of the print issue, launches within an internet browser and is therefore available for viewing across all devices and platforms, including desktop, tablet or smart phone.

The TBM digital edition is free to qualified subscribers, including international subscribers. The digital edition is easy to use and it allows readers the flexibility to discover, browse and navigate through the publication online or download and read offline at a later time. We are able to give our subscribers a unique and customizable experience that takes reading the magazine to a whole new level. With the click of a button, readers can:

  • tbm-cover-june-2016 See a thumbnail preview all pages
  • View and easily link to any hyperlink in the issue
  • Zoom in and out
  • View archived issues
  • Email an article to a friend
  • Social bookmark an article or page
  • Keyword search the entire issue
  • Download a pdf of the issue
  • View bonus videos

To sign up for the TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine digital edition, click here.

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