TERRATEC Delivers Its 25th TBM to India

TERRATEC is celebrating the delivery of its 25th machine to India in the last eight years. The company is adding one more to the long list of previously deployed machines to construct key metro, sewer and hydroelectric projects in the country, which have successfully completed so far over 58 km of tunneling.

This time, TERRATEC is deploying a new 3.14-m diameter earth pressure balance machine (EPBM) for the Mumbai Sewer Disposal Project (MSDP) Stage-II Priority Works Project. The machine will be used by contractor Michigan Engineers Pvt. Ltd. for Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

Designed to provide a healthier and improved environment for the citizens of Mumbai, the MSDP Project is one of a series of sewage projects being undertaken by the MCGM, which are being built to meet and improve the quality and reliability of the wastewater collection, treatment and disposal infrastructure for the ever-growing population.

The TERRATEC EPBM is designed to cope with varied geological conditions along the tunnel alignments consisting of mixed ground, basalt and breccia. The TBM has 25 rings of 17-in. rear replaceable disc cutters and a high torque main drive that is still capable of rotating up to 5 rpm. The TBM is equipped with a fully active articulation system to accommodate a minimum curve radius of 250 m. Due to size constraints and the installation of a full hyperbaric man lock, the TBM’s main drive is hydraulic.

The 4+1 universal type segment design (200-mm thick by 1,000-mm long) reinforced concrete segments will be installed as the machine progresses by the mechanically actuated erector. Muck removal, segment transport and machine supply will be by TERRATEC rolling stock and battery locomotives.

Machine operation will be assisted at all times by TERRATEC’s highly experienced field service staff, providing quality after sales support to ensure optimum performance and successful project completion.

“At Michigan Engineers, we chase dreams. Our thoughts become things to enable our progress as a tunneling company. It’s a proud moment to take delivery of our first 3-m plus machine to add to our fleet of over 10 microtuneling machines.” said Saurin Patel, Managing Director of Michigan Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

The works of MSDP Stage-II are divided in five phases and those in the first two phases are called “Priority Works.” The MSDP Stage II – Priority Works are comprised of infrastructure components including expansion of sewage collection networks, new pumping stations, waste water treatment facilities and treated effluent disposal.

Following the successful factory acceptance test, the machine will be now shipped to Mumbai and the TBM will then be transported to the project site where it will be launched on its first 1,857-m long drive.

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