Thompson Pump Hosts 2014 Pumpology School

5. Thompson Pumpology School

Thompson’s Pumpology School 2014 graduating class.

Thompson Pump and Mfg. Co. Inc. held its 24th annual Pumpology School April 23-25, at its corporate facilities in Port Orange, Fla.

Thompson Pump hosted 42 attendees from 15 states, Canada and Peru. The three-day workshop included training sessions for sales and service-oriented professionals on pumping fundamentals, dewatering and bypass applications, selecting the correct pumping equipment, designing, installing and maintaining pumping systems, troubleshooting, pump maintenance, and more.

Pumpology School offers hands-on demonstrations and classroom training from industry experts. Upon completion of training and successfully passing a comprehensive examination, attendees are recognized as certified Pumpologists.

Thompson’s Pumpology School

Interactive sales training is a hallmark of the school.


Thompson Pump Hosts 2014 Pumpology School

Students learn about pumps through hands-on service training.


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