Traylor Bros., Strata Worldwide Bring Boraid Line to Tunnelers

Traylor Bros. have selected Strata Worldwide as their exclusive distribution partner in bringing their Boraid line of TBM products to the greater tunneling marketplace. Previously not sold directly, the Boraid line of soil conditioners, polymers and shield sealant will now be available to tunnel builders everywhere, beginning in North America.

Chris Hebert, Vice President and Traylor’s Underground Division Manager, elaborates: “Tunnel contractors have recognized the value in procuring our Traylor Precast tunnel liners on their projects for more than 20 years. With the Boraid line, we recognize similar quality and performance that will surely be of interest to the same customer base.”

“We are very happy to represent Traylor Bros. and act as their market channel partner in the distribution of this technology,” said Mike Berube, President and CEO of Strata Worldwide. “This is a very unique and novel line of products that will be the perfect addition to our Geotech offerings.”

Dick McLane and Josh Jonasen, Project Directors for Traylor, have been instrumental in the development of these technologies over the last 10 years. “The products are developed by TBM experts for TBM experts,” states McLane. “They are American made and have shown over various, diverse projects to perform at a high level. The user should expect better advance rates, reduced torque, less cutter wear, and reduced downtime.”

Consultation and proposals are immediately available for existing and upcoming projects. Mike Rispin, VP Strata Tunneling, says: “We are excited to add these excellent, complementary technologies to the Strata portfolio that the industry is already aware of. Strata Tunneling now offers solutions on even more fronts, thereby enhancing our value as a partner to tunnel constructors. Producing the Boraid line in North America shortens the domestic supply chain, optimizes the freight component of costs, and offers lead time advantage to contractors.”

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