Trelleborg Appoints Global Sales Director

The Trelleborg pipe seals operation has appointed Tim Van Putten as Sales Director for pipe, connector and manhole seals. Based in Lelystad, Netherlands, Van Putten will lead business development for sealing systems with a focus on expanding international sales and customer relationships.

Van Putten has almost 20 years of experience in business-to-business sales, including senior roles across the plastic pipe and building materials industry. Van Putten previously worked at Wavin and Henco Industries in the Netherlands and Asia Pacific, where he led the delivery of national and regional sales strategies and targets.

Bill Hagenberg, Business Unit President for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, says: “The water and wastewater industry is increasingly coming under the spotlight. While western markets look to replace aging infrastructure, developing markets are driven to improve the supply of quality drinking water and closed drainage systems in response to rapid urbanization and rising living standards. As potentially the weakest link in the system, the seal plays a vital role in keeping these networks but receives the least budget and attention.

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“With a deep understanding of our portfolio, Tim is well placed to advise customers on how our customizable solutions can achieve a leak-free, hassle-free network. Tim brings a wealth of experience in the pipeline industry and will play an integral role in supporting our international customers, leading the business development and sales teams for pipe, manhole and connector seals.”

In addition to Van Putten’s management and customer service expertise, he brings with excellent communication skills and an extensive track record of developing initiatives to increase market share. Van Putten will also lead a critical role in communicating and building relationships with specialist engineering consultancies and pipeline owners across the water industry.

Van Putten added: “Trelleborg has an excellent reputation throughout the industry and is an undisputed leader in innovation. I am delighted to join the team and intend to deliver profitable sales growth by concentrating on exceptional customer service, and innovation, supported by Trelleborg’s unparalleled product quality.”

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation is a supplier of new and rehabilitation sealing solutions for concrete, plastic pipes and manhole pipes used for water, and drainage. It offers a wide range of technology specially designed to provide structural renovation of pipelines and specializes in the sealing of pipes to prevent infiltration and exfiltration.

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