Tunneling Complete on London Power Tunnels Project

National_Grid_Power_Tunnels-Arup National Grid has completed the final section of tunneling on its London Power Tunnels (LPT) project, Arup reported. Arup has been involved in the project since 2009 and has provided Program and Project Management throughout, as well as a number of specialist technical services. The project ensures that National Grid will be able to provide the power infrastructure to enable growth in London as well as securing access to future renewable energy generation.

The main elements of LPT are two 32-km tunnels with diameters of 3 m and 4 m. The tunnels have been dug 60 m deep, and will house two cables 180 km and 60 km in length. The project also includes the construction and commissioning of two new 400-kV substations (one at Kensal Green and another at Highbury) and the modification of four existing substations.

“We are tremendously proud to have been at the heart of one of the most important infrastructure projects in London, helping National Grid deliver the single biggest upgrade of transmission systems since they were built in the 1960s,” said Mark Neller, Project Director, Arup

Additional specialist services provided by Arup included procurement support, technical innovation, tender evaluation, health and safety support, information management, environmental impact assessment, project management and leadership of other consultancies providing cost management and contract administration services

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