Worldsensing Launches Partner and Service Certification Program

Worldsensing, the global leader in the IoT remote monitoring of critical infrastructure, has launched an official partner program in a bid to double the number of accredited distributors and resellers worldwide by the end of 2022.

Worldsensing’s new program will formalize the ad-hoc partner signup process that has served the company well during its startup years, but needed to be restructured to handle soaring demand for wireless internet-of-things (IoT) monitoring solutions, said Arnold Dénes, Worldsensing’s Commercial Director.

“Our market has an abundance of outstanding technology integrators and engineering consulting firms that are in need of reliable, flexible and cost-effective monitoring equipment,” he said.

“The new partner program will make it easier for partners to be onboarded, trained and supported to deliver the full capabilities of our wireless IoT monitoring product and service portfolio.”

With a global footprint of deployments in over 60 countries, Worldsensing is a trusted partner for monitoring large-scale critical infrastructure projects. Through its leading IoT remote monitoring solution, Worldsensing helps to reduce risks and improve safety across more than 1,000 critical infrastructure projects worldwide.

The company’s IoT remote monitoring solution uses long-range, low-power LoRa wireless technology to establish connectivity in hard-to-reach, remote locations. It reliably relays critical sensor data across long distances at a fraction of the cost of non-IoT-based approaches such as manual-access or cabled options. Worldsensing engineering partners who monitor assets on behalf of operators or owners can now obtain critical sensor data wirelessly while they remotely manage deployed devices and networks.

Worldsensing recently announced the partnership with Trimble. The industrial technology company has selected Worldsensing’s IoT solution to expand Trimble’s automated monitoring portfolio for geotechnical applications. Being a strategic partner in the surveying space, Trimble and its global geospatial distributor network will play a key role in making Worldsensing’s channel strategy a success.

“Our monitoring customers work with geotechnical sensors to automate movement detection for critical infrastructure and mining projects on a daily basis,” says Boris Skopljak, business area director of Monitoring and Tunneling at Trimble Geospatial. “Through our collaboration with Worldsensing, we are making it easier for our customers to access the full range of geospatial and geotechnical solutions from a single source, resulting in faster and easier deployment and the opportunity to address a wider range of projects.”

Since 2015, Worldsensing has built a network of over 270 monitoring partners worldwide, around 80% of which are system integrators. The partner program, which has already been successfully rolled out with selected partners, will target new distributors and resellers with a comprehensive support and rewards package. The program will also enable existing partners to further leverage Worldsensing’s support, expertise and experience.

“As an industry leader, Worldsensing has the ability to help technology resellers build the end-to-end solutions their customers are looking for, hence generating higher returns than they would get by selling point solutions,” Dénes said.

“To this effect, we have developed our technology as a platform that can be easily integrated with leading geotechnical monitoring technologies, so resellers can focus on solving their customers’ challenges rather than building integrations.”

The Worldsensing Partner Program provides a wealth of support for distributors and resellers, including training and certification, assistance with sales and marketing campaigns, and technical help in the preparation of bid proposals.

The program is open to all companies willing to invest in becoming Worldsensing product experts and in building a long-term partnership. “We believe that the new partner program will offer unparalleled depth of support and will create new opportunities for partners to generate additional revenue,” said Dénes.

To apply for the program, visit www.worldsensing.com/partner-program.

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