Akkerman Introduces P100E Power Pack

Akkerman Introduces P100E Power Pack

The P100E Power Pack was developed to provide contractors with an alternative to address regional requirements of the EPA’s mandate for Tier 4 diesel emission standards. The P100E footprint is comparable to the diesel version in the Power Pack family, and equipped with all the same favored amenities with the added benefits of a low decibel noise level, simplified controls, and reduced maintenance.

The P100E is powered by a 100-hp (75-kW) motor to match the hydraulic requirements of the company’s GBM jacking frames. The electrical motor allows contractors to capitalize on the unit’s useable horsepower, nearly 30% over the diesel version, due to a higher input horsepower to the pump. The Power Pack’s soft start feature makes it possible to couple the unit with a wide array of generators sizes, down to the recommended operating minimum requirement of 125 kW/150 kVa.

The P100E has two, variable volume pumps, each capable of 0-5,000 psi (34,475 mPa) and 0-31 gpm. The pumps facilitate power for rotation and jacking functions to the GBM jacking frame. Hydraulic pressure gauges are adjacent to the pumps, and within easy view for crew members to observe operating pressures.

To contend with the demanding environments where our pipe jacking systems are used, contractors will appreciate the totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) electric motor. The TEFC is a robust and more reliable power source, and has also been integrated into our Tunnel Boring System’s 5200 Pump Unit.

The control panel is located on the container’s door for accessible operation. Power pack start-up can be initiated from the control panel or with the in-shaft pendant. The unit’s three-phase indicator provides a visual indication of correct connections to the generator. The power supply cable is secured to the control panel and conveniently stored on the container door.

The oil cooling system consists of an in-tank control and a multi-plate, air-to-oil cooler to maintain hydraulic operating temperature. Cooling takes place through an electric motor driven fan. In order to maintain an efficient operating temperature, a sensor triggers operation when the oil temperature reaches a pretest value, which is advantageous when the unit is used in cooler climates.

The same ease of use features favored by contractors in our Power Pack family have followed through in the P100E design. The extendable power unit assembly contains hydraulic hose reels, pumps, fluid reservoirs and gauges. Doors at both ends of the container can be opened so operators can walk-through to access the wall mounted tooling storage rack.

The assembly includes six 50-ft (15-m) hydraulic hose sets to connect to jacking frame functions. New and unique hydraulic hose quick disconnects (QDs) reduce set-up time with a two-turn/two-start thread connection. The QDs’ connecting collar holds bearings so the hose can swivel under higher operating pressures which eliminate twisting.

Crew safety was a key factor in the P100E design. The electric motor makes for a low decibel noise level. When used in low-light environments, two interior LED lights plus the white interior illuminate the power pack’s tooling and controls. The e-stop control button is easily accessible and visible from the operational end of the unit.

The P100E is compatible with GBM 240A, 308A, 339A jacking frames and pipe increase tooling.


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