Calandra Group, ABC Technology Group USA Announce Joint Venture

Calandra Group LLC and ABC Technology Group USA announced the formation of a new joint venture company, Turnstone Industrial Solutions LLC. Turnstone Industrial Solutions will manufacture non-metal structural support systems, flexible ducting and semi-rigid polymer tubing products for mine and tunnel ventilation, industrial flexible ducting for temperature and environmental control, and rapidly deployable air-stop seals and barriers.

ABC Technology Group’s vertically integrated manufacturing experience of high-quality ventilation products, along with the support of Jennmar and Jennchems leading sales and service network, will offer a comprehensive ventilation product line and application solutions throughout the United States.

Some of the products manufactured and sold by Turnstone Industrial Solutions:

  • PILLAR BAGS: A range of rapidly deployable cement containment bags used to
    provide load bearing roof support. Brand: J-CRIB.
  • FLEXLINE PERFORMANCE DUCTING: A range of flexible ducting and accessories
    for supply, return and exhaust air applications using Hi-Strength fabric material and
    construction, low-leakage couplings and safe installation solutions. Brands: MineVent,
    TwinDuct, MineDuct.
  • HARDLINE PERFORMANCE DUCTING: A range of low-leakage, low-resistance
    semi-rigid polymer tubing and accessories for supply, return and exhaust air
    applications. Brands: HardLine-MAX, HardLine-COAL, HardLine-Oval.
  • INFLATABLE AIRSTOP: Inflatable and rapidly deployable underground ventilation
    control, air-stopping and sealing systems and overhead safety solutions. Brands:
    AirStop, AirStop-EPASS, AirStop-OPS.

“We look forward to the new opportunities this joint venture will provide within the mining and industrial business units. ABC has been great to work with and share similar principles and values as FCI and Calandra Group,” said Tony Calandra, Group President, FCI Inc./Calandra Goup LLC.

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