CREG EPB TBM Launched in Israel

creg-israel On the morning of Feb. 20, 2017, a TBM launch ceremony was held in Tel Aviv, Israel. More than 300 guests, including Israeli and Chinese dignitaries, were on hand to celebrate the launch of a CREG EPB TBM that will help build the city’s metro system.

Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel, and to reduce traffic congestion, the Israeli government decided to construct seven light rail lines. The Red line is one of the seven lines with a total length 23 km and consisting of TBM section, traditional excavating section and 23 stations.

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CREG signed up a contract to supply 6 EPB TBMs for the Red line. The launch ceremony involved the CREG TBM “Golda,” which is 105 m long with diameter 7.53 m. This machine has been manufactured according to the local construction standards to strictly satisfy high level QSHE requirements.

The TBM was launched at Galei Gil shaft and will be received at Ben Gurion station, passing the Aylon River, a highway and five important landmarks along the way. The tunnel will be built primarily in soft ground condition, mainly clay and sand.

The main concern is boring beneath riverbed. The overburden is less than 4 m, In addition, two concrete pile foundation with 1 m diameter penetrate through the riverbed and pose a potential obstacle while tunneling.

The TBM main characters are as follows:
 Boring diameter: 7530 mm
 Total length: 105 m
 Total weight: 780 ton
 Total drive power: 1600 kw
 Total installed power: 2673 kw
 Max. advance speed: 80 mm/min
 Thrust force: 55750 kN
 Breakout torque: 14000 kN∙m
 Rotation speed: 0 to 3 rpm
 Max. working pressure: 5 bar
 Min. horizontal radius: 200 m
 Max. climbing slope: 5%

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