CREG, METALLIANCE Announce Strategic Partnership


In 2017, Israeli and Chinese dignitaries celebrated the launch of a CREG EPB TBM for a metro project in Tel Aviv.

China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co. Ltd. (CREG) and METALLIANCE on Feb. 8 announced a strategic partnership whereby the parties will carry out an all-round and in-depth cooperation in global tunnel projects and underground space development.

CREG is a leading tunnel boring machine (TBM) supplier and a tunneling full-service provider. CREG specializes in research and development, manufacturing and technical service of a full range of TBMs and tunneling equipment. CREG products have been widely applied to projects in more than 40 cities for metro projects, as well as highway, railway and water tunnel projects. CREG products have been exported to 17 countries and regions including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Italy, Lebanon, Israel and Middle East. So far, a total of 868 TBMs have been ordered and 767 TBMs have been delivered.

CREG is based in China with a European subsidiary – CREG TBM Germany GmbH, based in Erkelenz. CREG TBM Germany GmbH was founded in 2014 as part of the takeover of the tunnel boring business of Aker Wirth.

METALLIANCE is a French company specializing in the research and manufacture of industrial equipment and mobile machinery. METALLIANCE was founded in 1923 and its core business is logistic tunnel vehicles. The METALLIANCE global network is widely distributed in countries such as Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Japan. Since 1993, METALLIANCE has provided different types of MSVs and other tunnel equipment for more than 100 global projects.

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