Epiroc USA Launches Mining and Construction Blog

Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, has introduced the Mining and Construction USA blog, a valuable new information hub for the two industries. Visitors will discover vibrant content designed to help their operations increase productivity, safety and cost efficiency. They will also read about how to use latest advancements in technology to their full potential.

Part of Atlas Copco until spinning off in 2018, Epiroc is a 146-year-old startup — a dynamic new company, but with proven expertise and experience. The Mining and Construction USA blog shares this unique know-how through engaging posts on best practices, industry trends and innovations, case studies from U.S.-based companies, and more from a team of expert contributors.

While the product range discussed in the blog covers areas in Epiroc’s equipment expertise — such as drill rigs, rock excavation equipment, construction and demolition tools, and service solutions — the focus of the topics is much broader. Mining and Construction USA blog contributors share trends and detail solutions in the areas of autonomous projects, advanced technology, predictability, interoperability, zero-emission mining, as well as emerging innovation concepts and trends in the mining and construction industries.

Articles and videos currently featured on the blog include:
• Aggregate Resources Industries: Reaching a higher level of drilling with automation
• National Quarry Services evolves from one drill to a smart fleet
• Teleremote demonstration goes global: Running Texas drill rig from Sweden
• Case Study: Arizona mine drills down costs with rebuilt pipe
• 3 ways “reman” saves mines big money
• Maintain tracks now to save money later
• Hydraulic breakers with built-in dust suppression help you meet OSHA dust rules
• Ways to use hydraulic attachments you didn’t think of before
• Best practices for buying used equipment online
• What’s Trending at Epiroc USA – Underground and Surface Mining Equipment Automation
• What’s Trending at Epiroc USA – Rock Drilling Tools (video)

“Epiroc is committed to developing innovative solutions, setting trends and exploring new ideas for our partners in mining and infrastructure,” said Mila Armer, Marketing Communications Manager at Epiroc USA. “The Mining and Construction USA blog is a way we stay current, relatable and truly in touch with our customers. We want to share our knowledge and make it accessible to support and collaborate with the industries we serve.”

In addition to blog posts, the Mining and Construction blog home page features a live feed of Epiroc Facebook posts for real-time news updates. Visitors also can connect to the Epiroc YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn social media pages via the content hub.

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