Giken Opens North American Headquarters

Giken America announced the opening of its North American Headquarters in New York. The office is located on 42nd Street near Grand Central Terminal, an iconic and prestigious spot in the city.

The new head office’s strategic location near some of America’s greatest economic engines along the Atlantic coast – Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. – has Giken America poised to bring its unique technology and construction methods to the Northeastern United States and the rest of North America.

In America, infrastructure spending over the next decade is expected to reach $1.5 trillion US as the country attempts to shore up aging roads, ports, airports, subways and other critical infrastructure. In addition to some of the world’s most exciting infrastructure development, significant work is being done to strengthen disaster prevention barriers to protect citizens and businesses against future natural threats.

The Giken Group’s Press-in Method offers a uniquely advantageous way to support infrastructure renewal and disaster prevention in cities, eliminating the need for bulky temporary construction works and able to operate in high-density spaces and offering compact, maneuverable construction equipment that can rapidly produce quality foundation structures.

Like many of the world’s most crowded cities, New York faces an especially unique and protracted challenge in fighting congestion from ever increasing population and economic activity. Giken’s ECO Design solutions such as ECOPark and ECOcycle offer an opportunity for public-private partnership investment increasing the efficiency of urban spaces through its motto “Culture Above-ground, Function Underground.” Giken is already seeing significant interest in this area of innovation.

The Giken Group is actively working to expand its international business not only in North America but also in Europe, Australasia and China.

The Giken Group has an ambitious plan to achieve 30% of total sales from international markets by 2021, working towards a long-term vision of 70% of total sales being sourced internationally.

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