Gomez International Welcomes Rhoades

rhoades Gomez International Inc. has announced the hiring of Chris S. Rhoades as Director of Sales and Business Development. Rhoades, former Brookville Equipment Corp. Director of Sales, joined the Gomez team on Aug. 1.  He will be working remotely from Pennsylvania and will be responsible for coordinating the sales efforts at Gomez International Inc. with the assistance of Tom Crnjac.

“After 19 plus great years at Brookville, I have a great opportunity to transition from one world-class company to another.  I am looking forward to merging my skillset with the team members at Gomez International Inc. to provide solutions for those in tunneling, mining and other industries,” Rhoades said.

“We are all extremely pleased that Chris has chosen to join our family. We’ve spent some time looking for the individual to help take our company to the next step and help offer our customers additional expertise and assistance with their project needs. We feel we’ve found the right person for the job,” said Renetta Gomez, President/CEO Gomez International Inc.

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Arizona-based Gomez International Inc. has been a leader in the tunneling, construction, and mining industries since 1991.  The company is comprised of three divisions: Consulting/Engineering, Procurement Specialists, and Sales. The Consulting/Engineering division provides expert support and assistance in all aspects of a project from design through successful completion. The Procurement Specialist division offers customized equipment manufacture and rebuilding capabilities to meet client needs.  The Sales division is partnered with six international corporations specialized in equipment for the tunneling industry:  Sagami Servo, Shin Tomoe, Hirosawa, Kayaba, Starloy, and Mutsubishi Rubber to bring clients the finest in Japanese tunneling machinery.

For more information about your tunneling, mining, and construction needs contact Gomez International Inc. at 602-268-9275, 520-836-7869 or contact Chris directly at 520-280-4501.  Email inquiries may be sent to info@gomezinternational.com or chris@gomezinternational.com.

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