GraphicSchedule Software Available for Large, Complex Projects

GraphicSchedule is a software startup providing an Excel application that makes it easy to create linear schedules and one-page bar charts that communicate the big picture for large and complex projects.

After years of tediously creating one-page schedules by hand for major underground construction projects, co-founders James Wonneberg and Ron Drake launched GraphicSchedule to develop an app that the entire industry can use and benefit from. “We believe that people who work on these projects want to know what’s in that 70-page schedule with 3,000-plus activities,” says Wonneberg, “but our industry lacks the tools to communicate that information in a way that the entire team can understand.”

GraphicSchedule runs in Excel and plots shapes with respect to time and location, to graphically depict how a project will be constructed. These graphics can be linked to the master schedule for rapid updates whenever things change. The app is used by contractors, engineering firms, and project owners seeking a better way to communicate their projects.

“We are seeing more and more heavy civil contractors using GraphicSchedule to develop and optimize their bid schedules,” explains Drake, “meanwhile, project owner teams are using it to show their executives and other stakeholders how active projects are progressing.”

Wonneberg and Drake also continue their work in underground construction management, supporting WSDOT’s Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program, and LA Metro’s Regional Connector project, respectively. And they frequently give presentations to help educate the industry about how this method can help major projects.

“It’s exciting to be able to provide a tool that helps the industry we serve,” says Wonneberg. “This is our way of leaving the wood pile a little higher than we found it,” adds Drake.

To download their eBook, or request a free trial of the app, visit www.GraphicSchedule.com.

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