Handbook of Precast Segmental Tunnel Lining Systems

A new comprehensive handbook – Handbook of Precast Tunnel Lining Systems – covers all aspects of design, production, and construction of precast concrete tunnel segmental lining, with the best practices in the field included in one book for the first time. The book is edited by Verya Nasri, David Klug, Brian Fulcher, and James A. Morrison.

New and current design methods and quantitative analyses are considered in line with ACI and ASTM codes, as well as a full selection of global standards for the reliable design of the product and all components. Also incorporated are new applications of science and technology, such as new admixtures, and the latest manufacturing processes and precisions, such as tight dimensional controls and high repeatability cycles.

With detailed guidance from world-leading practitioners, this is the definitive international technical and practical manual on these linings, forming a one-stop reference for tunnel engineers and an invaluable resource for advanced students in civil, mechanical, and mining engineering.

Table of Contents

1. Precast Segmental Tunnel Lining History. Brian Fulcher, Martin Knights, John Hart and Rick. P Lovat; 2. Geotechnical Investigations for Segmental Tunnel Lining Design. Francis J. Arland, James A. Morrison, Michael Law, Andrew Klaetsch, Gary Kramer and Ritika Kundu; 3. Analysis and Design of Precast Segmental Linings. Mehdi Bakhshi, Verya Nasri, Mahdi Soudkhah, Montazar Rabiei and Pegah Jarast; 4. Precast Concrete Technologies. Barzin Mobasher, Jim Lindsay, Louis Falco, Stephen Farrington and Steve Schaef; 5. Fiber Reinforcement in Precast Concrete Segments. William P. Geers and Benoit De Rivaz; 6. Connections and Accessories for Segmental Tunnel Linings. Christophe Delus, Sandrine Ordener, Ivica Duzic and Mathieu Janes; 7. Gasket Systems for Sealing Segmental Tunnel Linings. Andreas Diener and Peter Tiedermann; 8. Formwork Systems for Precast Segmental Tunnel Linings. Stefan Medel and Florian Werres; 9. Fabrication of Precast Segmental Tunnel Liners Tunnel Linings. Carlo Cattelan, Marc Drouin, Fred Esch and Van Tuan Chau; 10. Transportation, Handling, and Installation of Precast Segmental Tunnel Linings. Shane Yanagisawa and Werner Burger; 11. Annular Backfill Grouting of Precast Segmental Tunnel Linings. Shane Yanagisawa, Joel Joaquin, Nestor Garavelli, Jeffrey Champa, Richard McLane, Mirko Martini, Bradley Krumel, Christophe Bragard and Dennis Arbour; 12. Durability and Service Life of Precast Segmental Linings. Mehdi Bakhshi and Verya Nasri; 13. Innovative Products and Applications. David Klug, Jon Y. Kaneshiro, Richard Cubeta, David Green and Ralf Winterberg.

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