Helping you reach a new level

No one knows your operation better than you do. It’s a hard-earned knowledge chiseled by years of experience and countless projects.

You understand the challenges that can hold you back — and the solutions that help push you forward.

And you know what you need out of the equipment you use.

John Deere

The 210 P-Tier Excavator is a machine shaped by your needs, inspired by your grit, and built with your operation in mind.

With a combination of power, durability, and smart technology, it’s designed to pass any test with flying colors — and deliver precisely what you need to get the job done right.


When you have a job that requires heavy lifting, you need an excavator that won’t back down.

The heavy-duty boom and heavy counterweight options on the 210 P-Tier Excavator boost stability when lifting or digging with a bucket, to maximize material movement.

This includes a heavy-duty, one-piece, 18-foot 8-inch boom, while a heavy counterweight supplies an additional 1,300 pounds to the rear of the machine. The result is excellent stability.

These options add heft to the machine while still maintaining the powerful 6.8L engine to better compete in the upper limits of the popular 21–24-metric-ton size class.


The 210 P-Tier Excavator matches strength with intelligence, complete with SmartGrade™ technology that reduces rework and maximizes efficiency.

John Deere

In the past, mistakes and rework were common culprits on the jobsite. Frequent manual grade checks slowed things down. But SmartGrade addresses those issues.

The technology maintains set blade or bucket angles for precise grading while letting the operator focus on controlling machine position. Meanwhile, SmartGrade monitors elevation and slope information on any terrain. 

It is the rare tool that elevates operators of all abilities, reducing the learning curve for new users and sharpening the skill set of experienced ones. The end result is the same: fewer passes, improved accuracy, and a better job done more quickly. 


Flexibility matters. And that’s something that shines through with the 210 P-Tier Excavator.

Take the integrated hydraulic coupler option, for instance. It allows operators to efficiently switch attachments and get more productive working hours out of each day.

This mid-size model makes flexibility and versatility feel natural, with factory-installed hydraulic plumbing all the way to the end of the arm and coupler controls integrated within a switch in the cab. 


To keep moving forward in this line of work, you need to continue elevating your game and aiming higher.

That’s the name of the game for the 210 P-Tier Excavator. With careful attention to every detail, the machine is built to perform strongly and maximize uptime.

The grease point is located at the arm tip for easy greasing and extended uptime, while better torque retention at the clamp reduces the likelihood of the front hydraulic pipes moving. And redesigned boom-foot bushings improve their durability.


Doing more always matters. But doing it more efficiently is what moves the meter and boosts your bottom line.

The 210 P-Tier Excavator is equipped to improve fuel economy up to seven percent, thanks to a variety of features that enhance operating efficiency. On-demand cooling fans reduce engine load. Meanwhile, increased front piping diameter reduces hydraulic restriction, further positively impacting fuel consumption.

This all adds up to lower fuel expenses and enhanced efficiency.

It’s a machine inspired by your feedback, designed with you in mind, and built to help you succeed.

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