Keller North America Performs Its First O-pile Project in Canada

Keller, the world’s leader in geotechnical solutions, announced the completion of its first interlocking pipe pile (O-pile) system for Alamos Island Gold Mine in Dubreuilville, Ontario.

When the Gold Mine encountered unexpected ground conditions at the proposed site for their tailings dam expansion, a 40m (131 ft) long cut-off wall was required. Various solutions were considered but with several meters of thick sand and gravel till, cobbles, boulders underlaid by bedrock, and flowing water conditions, O-piles were chosen as the preferred solution.

Other benefits of using O-piles include rapid construction using a rotary percussive drilling process in a single pass and a watertight seal using mechanical interlocks. Like sheet piles, the O-pile system creates a cut-off wall and can be used for excavation support. However, while sheet piles would refuse to drive through rock and boulders, a down-the-hole hammer is used to advance the O-pile through these conditions.

Keller crews installed 68 O-piles with lengths varying from 5m (16.4 ft) to 11m (36.08 ft) as required. O-piles were 610mm (2 ft) in diameter. Project Manager Anojan Siva states, “We were involved early on in the process to explain the pros and cons of several potential cut-off wall techniques.” He continues, “We were able to discuss and resolve anticipated constructability challenges, technical considerations, and address the time-sensitive requirements for this critical project.”

Overall, Ledcor and Alamos Gold, the client and owner respectively, were pleased with the team’s professionalism and resourcefulness, and execution of the cut-off wall. During construction, Keller provided high-caliber, experienced personnel working six days a week for six weeks. “We were able to provide a high-quality solution using a pile guide/template to ensure pile location and verticality, and performed a continuous inspection and monitoring of all activities,” Anojan said. The project was completed on schedule and Keller has already planned future projects using O-pile technology.

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