Lithos Engineering Announces Staff Additions

Lithos Engineering announced the addition of two new team members: Wes Hogan and Mike Smith.


Wes Hogan works out of the Lithos Denver office and has jumped right into working  on several challenging geotechnical and tunneling projects around Colorado,  including a water treatment plant expansion and a sanitary sewer interceptor with  multiple tunnels. Wes has a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental  Engineering from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Science in Civil  Engineering from Colorado State University. When Wes is not working he enjoys hiking with his dog, playing hockey, and attending sporting events and concerts.


Mike Smith also works out of Lithos Denver office and recently became a Professional Engineer (PE) in Colorado. Mike is currently working on a large slurry wall design project, a water treatment plant expansion, a new HDD installation, and a large regional waterline project with multiple tunnel crossings. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Dayton, and before joining the Lithos team he focused his career in providing engineering and construction support for a variety of pipeline and facility projects. Mike’s past project experience includes horizontal directional drill design, hydraulic modeling, pipeline routing, permit acquisition, condition assessment and rehabilitation, and procurement and construction support. In his free time Mike enjoys skiing, golf, fly fishing, and shooting sporting clays.

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