Pipe Jacking Association Launches New Website

The Pipe Jacking Association (PJA) has gone live with a mobile friendly website that now includes case studies of pipe jacking projects to aid utilities and designers when considering pipe jacking or microtunneling installations. Content also includes details of PJA members, access to publications, animations and presentations, extensive university research and a link to its carbon calculator.

The case studies cover a wide range of projects: urban main drainage and flood alleviation; road, railway and canal and river crossings, and a range of specialist applications. A feature of many of the case studies, in particular those concerning main drainage and flood alleviation, is that the significant carbon savings achievable through non-disruptive utility installation are detailed on the case studies where appropriate. pja logo

Of the urban main drainage and flood alleviation schemes an average carbon saving of over 50% is achieved when comparing pipe jacking and microtunneling to disruptive open cut utility installation. In some instances savings of up to 75% were achieved. The source of the carbon saving were verified by an online carbon calculator developed by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and verified by the Water Research Centre (WRc).

The case studies are downloadable from the Pipe Jacking Associations website. The Pipe Jacking Association represents the leading contractors, pipe supplies, machinery manufacturers, consultants and suppliers to the pipe jacking and microtunneling industry.

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