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ABC Ventilation Systems ABC Ventilation Systems

ABC Ventilation Systems has been synonymous with quality for over 40 years as a trailblazer in flexible ventilation systems in tunneling projects around the world. ABC custom designs ventilation systems to fit specific needs from ducting, fans, cassettes and more. With reference projects in over 50 countries, ABC offers the experience, quality and expertise needed in the most demanding environments. Registered to the ISO 9001 quality assurance program, ABC tests and documents its manufacturing process to ensure consistency and quality. Products include high-strength, cost-effective positive MineVent flexible ventilation as well as wire-reinforced MineDuct for negative pressure applications. For those with space restrictions, ABC’s oval TwinDuct offers 20 percent more head room over equivalent round diameters to allow for ease of equipment movement through tight conditions. ABC is continually evaluating ways to achieve higher pressures and better air flows while eliminating time wasting steps for installations. Web: www.abccanada.ca

Akkerman GBM Jacking Frame Akkerman GBM Jacking Frame

Akkerman introduced the 4815A jacking frame as part of its Guided Boring Machine(GBM) line of equipment. The 4815A has a maximum jacking thrust of 265 tons with a fast advance speed rated at 100 tons. The rotational torque operates in two ranges, 0-10,500 ft-lbs and 0-26,000 ft-lbs maximum torque. Each torque range offers a two-speed option, 35 and 50 rpm in the low torque setting; and 23 and 35 rpm in the high torque setting. The 4815A is designed to work out of 15-ft minimum round or square shaft. The dogging frame’s7.5-in. cylinders have a 30-in. stroke and reposition on center every 24-in. to allow for up to 96-in. pipe segments without the need for spacer cans. The 4815A performs with all existing GBM tooling currently used on 240, 308 and 4812 jacking frames. An optional Power Cutter Head/Power Reaming Head Hydraulic control package is available. Web: www.akkerman.com


Baroid’s QUIK-BORE high-yield boring fluid system is specially formulated for use in horizontal directional drilling, tunneling and microtunneling applications. The use of QUIK-BORE high-yield boring fluid system assists or promotes functional gel strength for cuttings suspension, improves borehole stability, reduces filtration, and lubricates pipe in microtunneling operations. The QUIK-BORE fluid system is NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified and disperses readily in water for very easy mixing. The product helps provide lubrication for pulling product line and can also be used in unconsolidated formations.  Additionally, this fluid system efficiently improves filtration control by forming a thin filter cake with low permeability, while providing gel strength to compensate for low annular velocity. Using the QUIK-BORE system can help minimize the number of boring fluid products required and ultimately reduce jobsite costs. Web: www.baroididp.com


Capital Safety Mining Anchors Capital Safety Mining Anchors

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection equipment, introduces the Saflok Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor and the Saflok Mining Bolt Anchor, two anchorage connectors designed to offer the best underground protection for workers employed in mining or tunneling applications. Both mining products are removable, simple to employ, and multi-directional, giving them the ability to work in horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. The innovative Hybrid Mining Swivel Anchor, which has a 5,000-lb maximum capacity, is a semi-permament solution designed exclusively for insertion within a 39 mm or 47 mm friction rock bolt. By rotating the bolt, the user can expand or retract the two wedges to secure or remove the anchor from the friction rock bolt. The Mining Bolt Anchor, also capable of supporting 5,000 lbs, is a portable friction rock bolt anchorage connector that inserts directly inside a 39 mm or 47 mm friction rock bolt. Web: www.capitalsafety.com


Robbins SBU-M Robbins SBU-M

Robbins has developed a new small diameter boring unit for line and grade critical bores up to 500 ft in hard rock and mixed ground. The Motorized Small Boring Unit (SBU-M) is available from 30 to 48 in., and fills a niche traditionally occupied by microtunneling and pipe jacking operations. The Robbins SBU-M is a cost-effective alternative that delivers impressive results due to laser-guided steering capabilities, an easy-access cutterhead, and a unique vacuum system for spoil removal. It is typically used with a concrete casing; however, this can be pushed out with Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) on longer drives. The new machine design is being used for the first time at a wastewater project in Muscat, Oman. A 38-in. diameter machine was launched in early July 2013, and is being used for six mixed ground crossings. Web: www.TheRobbinsCompany.com

SANY Crawler Crane SANY Crawler Crane

With a rated lift capacity of 165 U.S. tons, the new SANY SCC8150 crawler crane fills a strategic position in SANY America’s crawler crane lineup midway between the 110-ton SCC8100 and 220-ton SCC8200 machines. The SCC8150 crawler crane achieves its maximum lift capacity at a radius of 16.1 ft. It may be configured with either a main boom that reaches up to 269 ft or a fixed jib up to 102 ft long. A fuel-efficient, 340-hp Tier 4 interim-certified Cummins engine powers the SCC8150 crawler crane. A 325-hp Tier 3 Cummins engine also is available. The SANY SCC8150 crawler crane offers superior control and reliability through its Rexroth hydraulic system, including the main pump, main valve and servo control. Independently driven drums include hydraulically powered planetary gears. The hydraulically driven swing system provides 360-degree rotation. Web: www.sanygroup.com

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